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How To Lose Your Salvation
Cyhtina, Mima, I just want to ask you and your fellow OSAS: Cant a Christian rebel from God? If so, can a Christian live a rebellious life and expect heaven as his reward? Will a Christian be rewarded with heaven for having opted to walk with the devil all his or her life? Yes, no man may be able to snatch your child out of your house, but cant your child snatch himself out of your house if he so wills? What kind of Bible do you folks read and how do you interpret it?

Living With Wife A Sin
Interesting! What most are saying is that if the couple have a marriage license from government, they are married in the eyes of God. What if they dont have even this licence? Here in Africa, over 75% of couples are neither married in church nor by the state many a man and woman just leave their parents and become one. Isnt marriage a union of two willing couples of the opposite sex, whether or not licensed by the church or state?

My Boyfriend Is An Indian
Eastern or American, Christian or non.
If he is not a Christian, then God would not approve. Indian, race, does not matter; as long as you are equally yoked in your Christian faith.

Is Slain In The Spirit Fake
I had a hoarse throat my wife told me to go to this elderly mans house. There was no loud music, noise, dancing just an elderly man. He got up shorter then me he didnt even touch me I even forgot his whole prayer something like My Father and friend our friend is ill heal him by your stripes. I was on the ground. Dont remember how, nor hitting the ground. I was down about 30 secs got up feeling joyful, happy and my throat was indeed better not hoarse like it had been. Cant explain it but I am glad.

A Spirit Of Oppression
Yes anything around us can and does effect you. You must plead the blood of Jesus over your mind, body, soul/spirt, your room and things. Give these if you will totally to Christ and what is Christ the Devil dare not touch. Stand firm. Play praise music outloud if you can if not earphones, watch what is on TV set no evil thing before your eyes as David said, if you fall repent quickly and stay close to Jesus and have Godly friends.

Bound To Walked Out Husband
Showed the Chaplain at hospital the site. He said who is this chap with the lawyer comments? He said only certain jobs can help others? So Dale you tell us all about you since you made these ladies. Lets see the Dale book since you forced them on very private matters. Hows your marriage or breakup, your credit rating? What do you do? Always? Kid trouble? Jean actually took the time to answer Elder complimented you, Susie- said we can agree to disagree oh but I forgot that is very Christian.

Bound To Walked Out Husband
Elder you say Jeanne is wise that is because she speaks like Christ with peace because she has lived it. Her analogy about bleeding is so perfect yet you truly did not hear. You say "this woman holds the own gun to her head" I say no. But lets agree with you for a minute, then talk her down like Swat would not throw hurtful words which would cause the person to pull the trigger. Think man think of your own statement.

Bound To Walked Out Husband
Elder, Dale, Susie you have all made comments on this womans children. First they caused the problem, then they were THE challenge (not what she said) and why didnt they work, then you found out they work now they are perfect and sinless. Which, Which Which? Yes this is good for healing-- attack the hurting person and then attack her children--- but the man was basically in the right hmmm. This is no logic at all. NMH be strong for your children this to shall pass.

Joyce Meyer's Is A False Teacher
Steveng, Watchmen Nee had a great teaching on women in the pulpit. When a person gets up to speak about Jesus it is greater then male/female God is spirit so the Spirit speaks thru the person. Bro dont get "stuck" on the outside of the messenger hear the words of the messenger. I know U will quote Paul whom I love we have 85 words so I cant address that, but think on the few I gave. Women feel 2nd class God made them 1st class. Jesus's message is far greater then sex, color or age.

Bound To Walked Out Husband
Dale you are taking this personal it is only views from our Biblical standpoint/ and life. You say "high" 5'ing hey help comes from groups/talking it out & hearing as on here both sides. Dale you asked of my studies I teach as a doc I dont know if we can name such things. Most 1st marriages are when young, some to leave etc. 2nd marriages tend to do better due to age, experience. It is a study again not law - subject to change. You say fur is flying no its lifing up someone in a hard time.

Who Is Kim Clement
Reiter, Jeanne never said he was or not her statement said that he must follow the ordances set down by the Bible,whats wrong with that? Thats fair and balanced. Many bloggers or here have said that he is not right on the mark as a prophet must be, there is not grey with prophecy Reiter- not at all as there is in many things, it is black and white this is hard but-actually it is love, love for God to His people that they do not get "taken, hurt" emotionally or otherwise by wrong prophecy.

Bound To Walked Out Husband
Dale they were his responsibilites they are a part of her therefore a part of him. Ralph I do not see this disdain/disrespect that you clearly see from 4 sentences. I "see" a woman that gave a few basics and asked a question. To come up with anything more is deep sea diving in a fish bowl. Susie we all are a challenge daily that age is very complicated- young women yet still very unsure of themselves. Dana well put God still has plans for her.

Bound To Walked Out Husband
Dale I disagree 2nd marriages usually last longer then 1st marriages- the surveys I have read & study as a therapist. The person is older, wiser & more settled I am not speaking about rebound relationships. NMH you are free from this man he has left you, the children & his Godly responsibilites right or wrong the choice was still his. He was to love you as Christ loved the church even if you were wrong in the marriage this was his responsiblity. Do not let people put blame on you Jesus has set you free.

Who Is Kim Clement
A prophet does not control future events but God does and if he says Thus saith the Lord then the Bible says it not me -He must give account and be correct. It may be harsh but that is the reality. If I quote someone merely as a writer I must quote them word for word that is "human" standards or can be sued so God requires the same, it must be correct.

Is Slain In The Spirit Fake
Mima, Christina..self control..will power? We are made in the image of God we were made to rejoice, have joy, express this with the beauty of emotions. Through out the whole Bible it says people danced, cried, shouted, wept, clapped. These are good things yes the key it is balance but never shame anyone for "feeling" we are living beings not stone. Mima the 17yr old boy his mother expressed herself not a sin, a mothers heart.

Why Do You Think You Are Saved
The back and forth tabble tennis has ruined the blog for the poor person that just wants to say why they are saved.

Who Is Kim Clement
A prophet must always be right when he says he is speaking on behalf of God. If he is wrong once the Bible says not to listen to him he is false and speaks from himself.

Passover Or Christmas
Easy they are celebrated two different times of year. Passover is in the Spring near the Christian Easter. Christmas is in winter, apples and oranges.

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