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See Demons Everywhere
OK, for all of you that cant believe that this child very well may be seeing these demons because god has allowed her the supernatural eye sight to see them, I tell you to read the bible a little more closer and ask God for understanding, Since we are in the last days more and more children are going to have this supernatural sight and I tell you adults you should be praying for it as well. Please teach her to pray earnestly and God will do the rest.

Prophecies In The Bible
Here is one for you Sue, the book of Daniel tells of a statue Gold, Silver and the Ten clay toes. The ten are the countries of the European Union, we know this because the statue was telling us about various governmental rulers over a period of time. the prophesies in the book of Daniel span across ages until the last days. You must keep reading and get in and stay in a bible study, you must keep watching the signs. Jesus told us that.

Why Are All Not Healed
Yes. In you there is faith mixed with doubt at all times. It is your faith that will heal you. People must understand that Jesus came not only to heal you but make you whole. So if you ask and he answers you remember what you asked him for. Symptoms are in the mind so if you asked to be healed, he did it but you must also ask for him to make you whole meaning mind body and soul delivered from it all. Jesus told us you have not because you ask not. People dont truly know how to ask to be healed.

Can God Heal Me To Have Children
You must speak what the father speaks and believe that it is and it will be. Yes He will if you will believe. The angel of the lord spoke to mary and said she would have a child. She in turn repeated the words said to her, believing it was so and it was. Learn from her it was written for us to take heed.

Religious Miracle Stories
Yes I have personaly experienced Gods healing power. For well over 13years I had been told I had a condition that would hender me from becoming a parent. The Drs tried everything.I even had one ovary removed. But through it all, I kept believing God and on what I thought was my final attempt to correct the problem after yet another operation when the Dr. brought me out of the proceedure he stated both ovarys were fine and no such condition could be found. God healed me and he will do the same for you.

Christian To Marry A Catholic
As I read these statements I think it is realy sad that we as one body in christ are so devided. Look guys religeon came to seperate us. Jesus died that our relationship with god could be re established. Take a good look at his character and as the word says "pray for one another" that we all have the character of Jesus, willing to die to self that others may have life through their relationship with God. Oh and leave religeon alone.

Can You Explain My Dream
I want to tell you that there really is not enough info for any one to interpret the dream, but if you seek god he will give you the meaning.Try to write the dream out and talk about it. As you do this more will come back to you and help you to get the meaning, and remember the only reason god speaks to us through dreams and visions is to cause us to seek him out more because he only hides his truths for us not from us. God Bless you.

What Are You Thankful For
I am thankful for this wonderful gift that God has given us called life. Each night I try to thank God for every breath I take and I want my life too be used for Him. I thank Him for my family and for keeping us in His fold.
May God"s mercy rest upon this nation.

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