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How To Get Anointing Of The HS
I assume that you are saved, therefore you should devote time to prayer and during the prayer exercise you should praise the Lord and worship Him. Your prayer should include praises like repeating with all you heart: "Holy, Holy are You Lord, Glory, Glory to You; I need you Lord to fill me with Your Spirit. Preferably you should join other likeminded Christians, for the Lord dwells amond praises! It worked for me!

God bless


Once Saved Always Saved
how can you be under Christ when you reject His Laws. Further more, He/Jesus Christ is the Law. Have you thought about that Lisa? Reject His laws, and you reject Him. Jesus said in the book of John "If you love me, obey my command". there4 you cant reject law. It points out the sin in us.

We All Should Be Vegetarians
Amen Jerry, I agree with you .. that is why EGW was preaching about our diet. Is she wrong? Just look at the meat we eat today, or any food for that matter. I am vegetarian too and I go by the biblical diet. The best ever I have been as a vegetarian. Meat is absolutely very hard for the system to digest and it takes about 5 days for it to go thru the whole system. Its not good for our system and it makes one old very quick.

Cloth On Women's Head
lIKE the Muslim woman, I like covering my head in prayer. We western women need to get to know these beautiful Muslim women and their customs. They are so respectiful of their custom and duties as women of their culture. I adore their serene ways. I think they are very respective of their God Alah just as we are to Jehovah.

How Were You Saved
As long as my faith survived, (and I'm willing to admit that it has lapsed,) it was always inspired by a feeling of love, both of loving and being loved myself.
If anything, fear may have been what eventually drove in the stake.

How To Say Leave Me Alone
Alan: Yes, this is where I worked. He was senior to me in terms of Authority, age and yes, he's married. I did detect something ungodly under the compliments and was confirmed when one day he shamelessly told me that he is attracted to me, blah, blah..... to cut the long story short, I am happy to say that God provided a way out and I changed jobs, now everything is great, to God be the glory. Thanks to all that gave their views, I did learn a great deal. God bless you all.

How To Say Leave Me Alone
Eloy: I work for these people and I love my job, that's why I am forced to be nice. I wish that they could be brief when talking to me and stop commenting on my looks, somehow, It bothers me.

Scripture For Suicide And Heaven
Angela. My son attempted suicide, backslid etc. I prayed and I am praying really hard for him and the Holy Ghost is already moving. Please read the Book of Job. It seems to me that you are not a mature Christian but if you seek the Lord you will find Him. Some questions God will answer direct to you in a personal revelation. It is good for you to study prayerfully the Bible in a systematic way. We know God by faith.

Why Can't Christians Be Trusted
JP. Please read Psalms 118:8 and Mathews 24:12. Nowhere in the Bible we are told to trust men, but God alone. I have come accross pastors who are Masons/Stanists. These are the times predicted in Mathews 24:12

Nightmares Mean Not A Christian
Thank you all saints! I do not have pagan books, I do not watch pagan movies. I do pray wholeheartedly before going to sleep. I try!! It is true that I have relatives who are reportedly witches but I do not interact with them nor even see them, but I do pray for them. I just want to make sure that I am saved and I will go to heaven when I die.

Nightmares Mean Not A Christian
Dear Willow

I have no idea. I have always had them since I was 8. Some are prophetic and others enigmatic. I am so sorry I do not have help. Yesterday I dream of a colleague of mine, he was walking before me and in the path there was a head (beheaded). Today I had very bad news in the office and that particular colleague disclosed them to me!!!

Why Am I Not Prospering
Dear Moderator. perhaps you should elaborate a little bit more on this one space permitting. Those NT saints did not care about money but we do. These days life is difficult without money even to preach the Gospel effectively we require a lot of money. I assume Deut. 28 is still valid and I claim these blessings on my life.

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