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Is Smoking Wrong
1 Cor. 6:20 ... You were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body.

Be good to yourself, don't smoke. If you will pray to God for His help, He will help you to stop. He helped me several years ago!

The End Is Very Near
Yes, I can tell that things are changing. I have heard that God is calling His children up higher, closer to Him. I know that, that is what He is doing in me. I would like to go home now too, But, Gods will must be done. I think that we are only at the start of some of the sorrows to come. We are to walk in the spirit...and God help us, put to death the works of the flesh. What we go through now, is not worthy to be compaired to the Glory that shall be revealed in us.

When Does God Answer Prayers
God answers faith filled prayers. If we pray according to His will we know that He hears us and we have what we prayed for. There is also a peace that comes from fellowshiping with God. You know that you have been with Him and He has heard you. You must believe that He is and He is a rewarder of them that deligently seek Him. You must believe when you pray.

Caught My Husband Cheating
This is a hard thing to have to deal with over and over. You must still be in shock. It takes time to heal, and I believe because you are a christian that in time you will forgive him of this sin. You are free to deside what you would like to do. I pray that God will heal you and you will be able to go on with life again. I ask for wisdom for you in desiding what to do. God Bless

How To Have Deep Prayer Life
I first seek Him, then honor Him. Then I get myself in a humble aditude And remember who He is to me. I thank Him and praise Him. Then, I begin to pray to Him applying God's word where I can. As I know that He hears me, I rest and am at peace. I talk to Him about others needs and ask His Mercy on them. I get still before Him and thank Him for listening to me. And I listen for Him to speak to me.

God Bless.

Give Daughter Back To Abuser
The most important thing is your daugther right now. Get her help and counseling. Sometimes we make big misstake that can not be fixed. This sounds like one this man did. He can be forgiven, and Jesus can deliver him. But he has done damage that just can't be turned around so easly. He has lost out on a family and should let it go. You can forgive but is almost impossible to ever trust him again.

Marriage The Perfect Will Of God
What if God has heard you and is working on that speical person right now. To make them all that God requires to meet your needs? What if God is working on you, for His speical child. God knows what He is doing. Seek God and find out what you can do to make things move along. Maybe he is working on you. It will be worth the wait if it is from God!

What Am I Doing Wrong In Dating
Eddi, Seek first the kingdom of God, it's fun! Put God first any leave the worrie behind. Find a deeper relationship with God to fill and comfort you. It was God that said "It is not good that man should be alone." God knows just where you are and what you need. He is thinking of you, are you thinking of Him?

Do Smokers Go To Heaven
Smoking is not an unforgiveable sin. Yes there are Christian that smoke. It is not good for the body. Neither is thinking on bad thoughts, and we have all done that. I smoked for two years while being a Christian. I'm closer to the Lord today and have made the dession not to smoke. It is bad for me and others around me. God helped me to lay it down. And today I'm glad I did, for me and my family and friends.

Handle Long Distance Relationship
Schola, are you in a long distance relationship? If God is in it, it can work out just fine. My husband and I lived over an hours drive from each other. And we dated for almost two years before we married. We have been married now for 9 years and are very happy and blessed. Treat it like any other relationship. It may take more work. It is up to you!

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