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Can I Attend A Catholic Church
The most important thing is to attend a church that teaches and relys on scripture. My advise is to read the Bible for yourself not take someone elses word for what is contained within, pray, then shop around. You may attend several churches before you enter the one God wants you to glorify him through.

How Can We Pray
I like to pray scripture - sometimes I take a prayer directly from the Bible and substitute my name or the names of others in place of the person in the story.

Saved Recognize The AntiChrist
Some faiths believe they already know who the anti christ is so my answer is a partial yes.

Mima what verses do you base the theory of a rapture prior to the second coming on?

Is Salvation An Urgent Matter
The fact that they're life might end a few minutes after making that statement. People have dropped dead from heart attacks, died in car accidents...I might die in a few one knows when their time will end. It's not worth taking the chance.

Sinning In Your Dreams
Jesus is Lord of our lives. Our whole lives. He is so omnipotent he is even there with us in our dreams. No control - no way, that's got lie written all over it. The next time you start to sin in a dream, ask for forgiveness and help. You will find that the Lord is readily available there as in your waking time. If Satan is attacking your dreams its probably because he's been unsuccessful getting to you while awake.

Violent Take It By Force
Can you give the scripture reference please. It is best to read and entire passage to determine the meaning instead of one sentence.

President Of Iran Wanting War
He has stated openly that he intends to cause trouble in the world to hasten the return of the Islamic Messiah who will come back. He's not stopping.

Third Jewish Temple Being Built
Do you? Provide supporting scriptures if you do.

Attend TV Church Or Local Church
I believe God understands when a homebound/ill person has no other option than TV. The rest of us should try to go in person for the fellowship.

Is The Rapture Next
The church both faithful and apostate is usually refered to as "woman" as I understand it. I believe the He is the Holy Spirit. The second coming seems to be close at which time we will meet him in the air.

Father Of My Child Will Not Marry
Moderator - is there a way to speak privately to this person on this website?

Moderator - Both parties need to join the free Penpal system and list their IDs here.

Not Wearing Wedding Ring A Sin
I think a married persons behavior both with and without their spouse being present should be evidence of the fact they are married, not a piece of jewelry. I good MALE friend of mine does not wear a ring, but he finds a way to work how much he loves his wife into every meeting of a new person, seen him do it lots, been married 25 years. More men and women could learn from a person like that.

I Want To Believe In God
An exercise that you might find helpful is to keep a journal of your prayer request and questions. Sometimes we get too intellectual about God and don't see him as interacting with us personally. It may not happen immediately but at intervals of say 3,6,9 months etc...look back at those prayer request and questions you asked God to help you with as you note them being answered you will see that God is working in your life maybe not as fast as you want but working, then praise him for it.

Christians Look Foolish
The Bible scripture should not be the only thing backing up our claims. It wasn't the only thing that backed up Jesus claims. The way he conducted himself was just as large or larger witness than the Old Testament scripture he quoted. That is the example we should follow. If our lives are not in accord with the word of course the word will look stupid to an unbeliever. We need to live our life's always as if we are being watched because we are.

I Am Dating A Non-Christian
Different Linda here than below. Take it from one who knows leave this relationship now before it gets anymore serious. You need to be with a Christian one who will support your living out your faith. You'll regret it latter if you don't get out now.

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