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Does Your Death Cause Fear
I focus on living and being the Lord's servant however he chooses to lead me. Personally I think death so little I have no opinion. I am excited at the thought that I might be part of the group that never sees death. As for the rest I trust God.

Husband Has A Girl Friend
Asking for prayer is a good thing. I will pray for your husband, but also for you that you do not lose your faith but will cling closely to the Lord as he accompanies you through this challenge.

Is God A Priority
I believe the first few of the ten commandments answer this question.

Married To An Unbeliever
1 Peter 3:1-2

Have You Seen A Demon
I saw the same demon twice, long story but seeing it lead me to a confrontation with a person who was attending church but practicing occult etc... on the side. Later witnessed his repentance and cry out to Jesus. I believe I saw Jesus in a dream, I could not look directly at him, he said nothing but hugged me, I was going through a tough time. Angel, once, a miserable failure and humbling experience for me. Learning something of how shallow I am in some areas and need to grow.

Is Ted Haggard A Christian
Only Jesus knows his heart for certain. He was born a sinner and has admitted struggling all his life with that particular sin. To make a public statement that he is a "deceiver and liar" and asking people to focus any disappointment on him instead of the other man if nothing else shows repentance in my opinion. Beyond that I have no thought except to pray for him. I would not allow conversations with others particularly non-believer to go further than that.

I Want To Quit My Affair
Is there someone there at the church maybe even one of the regular members you trust to disclose this to? If so tell them the whole truth then call a meeting of the elders and have this person go with you for moral support when you face them. Sometimes having another person who will sit next to us while we face a group is easier. That person will also hold you accountable by making sure the meeting happens. That person may be your wife/maybe not but this needs to happen now.

About To Marry A Non-Christian
Marrying him right now would be an act of rebellion against God. Remember Solomon the wisest man who ever lived? He ignored God on this point and look he ended up bowing down to idols. None of us are Solomon if he was lead astray with all his Godly wisdom, how much easier for you. I've had this struggle myself, given this advice before. Call off the engagement. Truth is if you disobey God and marry him, this man may consider your faith a joke and he may not respect your witness anyway.

Fail To Keep The Commandments
I'm Adventist and rest on the Sabbath but I have a different reason why I observe. I don't consider it a burden, it's a blessing. All the verses other adventist usually quote had no impact on me observing the sabbath. What did it for me was reading over and over God call the 10 commandments his "Testimony". His testimony, they are a testimony of his love for us. He doesn't want me to covet because he loves me and coveting will lead to other sins. Continued

Fail To Keep The Commandments
He doesn't want me to commit adultery because it will hurt me and others. He wants me to rest on the seventh day, why because I will probably run myself into the ground with work if I didn't. He says take a break because he loves me. The commandments are a testimony of his love and if I choose to rest on the Sabbath because God says that is what's best for me why would any of the rest of you condemn me for doing that. That I don't understand. I obey because I accept that he knows what's best for me.

Critique Your Pastor's Sermons
At my church on Wednesday nights we have several groups that meet one is a "sermon resource group" any member is able to attend. It is not a critique after the fact but we discuss upcoming sermon topics in advance. Since our church is kind of big 4000 attending the senior pastor sees this as a way to be more in touth with the congregations needs since he's only one man.

Explaining Christianity
Is this person asking you questions because they know your a christian or are you trying to introduce the topic "cold turkey" so to speak? For me it seems to work best to live my faith, don't hide that I'm a christian and wait until I see a need, like when someone comes to talk about a problem (offer to pray for them)or they ask first. Continued.

Explaining Christianity
Depending on the person. I think talking about the reliability of the Bible and discussing God's character are the best places to start. If you can't show them the Bible is real and that God is real and cares the rest really is a waste of breath unless the person specifically ask other questions. When you answer other questions try to use question to point back to God's character. Pray for the Spirit to speak not you.

Do As Jesus Would Do
Your question expanded - "If Jesus did not do it by "Word or Deed" than why do we accept these practices today?

If Jesus did do things by "word or deed" why do we now ignore them?

Sleeping With My Fiance
Their husbands don't want the children raised to believe in Jesus, every offering attempt leads to arguement etc...Probably most important the person who claims to love them can't stand the most important thing in their life. Their faith. They don't have a choice but you still do and so did I. A person on Christianet told me to "follow the Lord boldly and stop sinning" I'm so glad I did and I would tell you to do the same thing. Immediately. You will be fine.

Sleeping With My Fiance
It's hard to hear but you need to end the relationship. I speak as one who knows on this one. Same situation. When I sought christian counsel I was amazed at how many people told me just get married and pray for him etc...inspite of all the teaching in the Bible on "not being yoked with unbelievers". Along the way I met two women who didn't heed biblical teaching. They are in marriages where their beliefs and values are under constant attack. (Continue)

Nations Not Heard The Gospel
Rebecca and Alan, could you be looking for Romans 2:12-16?

My Husband Is Not My Type
Maybe pray for yourself that God would help you learn respect your husband inspite of his faults.

Don't do like some do and start treating him badly with the goal that he will eventually get feed up and dump you so you can have your freedom. Don't do that.

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