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Is Islam Peaceful Or Demonic
With the experiences that we, Christians, have in relation to "religion", I am hoping that some "evolution" if not "revolution" would occur with in the Muslim religion. We had Christianity based in Rome before, then we had Protestantism, and then, now, the small Christian sects that sprouts everywhere shouting for salvation by grace! How I wish that some change could occur in a similar manner with in Islam so that we can live peacefully in this world!

Prayer For Abdul Rahman
I would like also to comment on the line of thought pursued by Allan, Elder and Donna. Christianity that came into my country is also colored with "business". Christianity is not free from the "smell" of money attached to any organized religion.

Prayer For Abdul Rahman
Darlene 1: Thank you for saying that "Jesus be with you!" But I wish to react to your statements: I am answering the way I answered you days ago because the history of my country, especially the history of Muslim Filipinos, point to the facts that Maranao Muslims and Muslims from Jolo, Sulu were being massacred by American troops during the early 1900.

Minister Wants A Non-Christian
Sue: I understand that you are working in a Christian Ministry. Temptation can come in many forms. It can even come in the form of (that many would want to call it as) "LOVE". Be extra careful. You are in the most dangerous ground.

Minister Wants A Non-Christian
Sue: You will find that all of our answers here would be for you to stop such relationship. Have you ever hit your own head by a hard object that you yourself hold? That is, can you picture yourself picking up a stone and hitting your head with it intentionally? That is your situation now. All of us here would say: DO NOT HURT YOURSELF!

I Can't Stop Crying
Hello, Debbie: I am so glad that you found your dogs and that they stayed together! I used two of my native dogs (mongrels) to trace the location of Jedi when he ran out of me years ago. "Batoctoy" and "King" traced the location of Jedi by by following Jedi's smell left on the plants and on the path that Jedi took.

What Is A One World Government
"One world government" to be run by men is very bad. A country has to be divided into states, regions, and or provinces. A city has to be divided smaller into districts for efficient service delivery. "One world government" would try to put into unified whole smaller governments. Management tool for efficient service delivery? Man has proven to be good only at theories but poor in actual execution.

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