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Ever Analyzed The Blog Responses
How refreshing to read a new person's appreciation for the explanative type of blog answers. There are some responders that only "approve" of all Scripture in response to a query. They are quick to surmise that one has no spiritual depth or background to counsel/advise; thinking it is not necessary to try to connect with another personally with an answer. I hope you all continue to exhort & encourage one another with speaking God's love & Word.

Religious Person And Christmas
Helen, your home is the Lord's. What would Jesus share with whom He invited to His home? Would He allow them to come in & determine who was welcome & who wasn't & "preach" another gospel to turn your family from the Lord? Jesus would welcome strangers. His word would be seasoned with salt, His home would state with confidence the Truth His home was founded on & Whom He served. If the person invited didn't like the "terms" of the invitation, he has the choice not to come. Joshua 24:15

How To Have An Affair
What can you do??? Are you a believer in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour? If you are, then you know what you're doing is sin. You need to stop the affair immediately. Find a Bible believing church & talk to the pastor & get some biblical counseling....both you & your husband. If you're not a Christian, do you want the help and counsel of us as Christians? Then our advice is to accept Jesus Christ as your Saviour & confess this affair as sin & seek what God says about help for your problems at home.

The Thankful Blog
This is Thanksgiving Day. Many are the blessings God's provided for my family. May He rejoice as He hears the multitude of "thanks" unto Him today for all He is & does for His people. To one who may read this & not know Jesus in this way, 1. confess you are a sinner (have not met the standards of a Holy God. 2. repent(turn away from your sin)3. receive Jesus as the payment for your sin. (God is Holy so we need to come through Jesus to Him)4. GIVE THANKS TO GOD for you are now one of His own!

What's Up Blog #20
Christina, What a spectrum of feelings within such a short period of time. Sadness and joy in two occasions. I pray God will enable you to feel peace as you remember your friend's love in your life. And, joy as you anticipate this new little life coming to be a member of your family. His is the comfort that knows no bounds.

What's Up Blog #20
We'll be waiting to hear how the trip goes for the both of you. It seems that most have a clever name for their cats. How did Mary come by her name. Our most loving one was "Prissy", she was named that because she was quite haughty. It didn't stop her from being an A-#1 gopher catcher though! My husband would take a bucket & Prissy one in each hand & head for the back yard on "patrol". She never failed!!! Our dog was so jealous she learned how to "off" them too!

The Bible And Mental Illness
This previous comment was from Linda 4843.

Divine Blood Of Christ
I thought this question was very straight forward. I don't find the answer in all the comments thus far. Even my own, I guess, although I thought I was answering it! I don't think God objects to our using the precious blood of Christ as protection from the evil one. We believer's have been saved by it & through it our sinful humaness has been redeemed from sin's power unto death. We are born again unto eternal life. The life is in the blood. That life is still powerful today to cleanse, protect & redeem.

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