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We Want A Donor Sperm
been trying,praying for a child for 8 years. lead youth at church and mentored young girl and still have deep yearning for a child. prayed to God for direction and have received many mixed opinions. don't believe that using sperm donor is sin do believe that it is human solution to problem not Godly solution, Abraham and Sarah tried to solve their childlessness human way before they were blessed with Isaac. Condeming someone for choosing donor is not loving Christian behaviour. Let those without sin cast the first stone. God is good his plans for us are good,he is with us when we cry, when we laugh. He calls us to be loving and gentle in our correction with each other. God bless

Raising The Dead In America
Alright,The end times are near, this is a lie. I am sorry but No one will ever be greater than Jesus!I pray for all of those who are brainwashed with this lie!
god bless!

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