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Just Lost Husband And Need Help
Hi. My name is Lindsey. I am very sorry for your loss and feel very sad along with you. On the other hand, we can be assured that through every difficult trial God sends our way He will make us stronger. Maybe when you are ready you will be able to help others in similar situations by speaking to them about how God carried you through this time. I will pray for you that He might give you comfort and strength to realize His very different plan for your life. Maybe God will open different doors for you which will give you back the joy in your heart.

Women With Long Hair
A woman's outward appearance should reflect her inward love for God. However, our outward appearance does not affect how our hearts are. Think about the delima about circumcision- the Jews believed that men had to be circumcised to be right with God. Yet, in the new covenant, we learn that circumcision does not affect a person's relationship with God. What's inside is truly the important thing. Of course, you also have to take into account the time that the Bible was written and the cultural beliefs.

Christmas Put Me In Debt
You should give as you are able. Giving does not have to require loads of money. If you do not have the money, do not spend the money. The Bible does not say anything about us being required to spend lots of money for Christmas. Give of your love and time. Get creative and make something. As for your debt, look into Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace program. It's great!

Should I Divorce My Husband
I don't think you should get a divorce because doesn't the Bible tell us not to do that? You and your husband should go to a Christian Marriage Counselor and get Counseling to help you guys grow closer together. That's what I think.

Should I Remarry My Exhusband
Thank you for your responses. I am trying to "let go and let God", but it is very hard. I am praying for the strength to handle this and to accept whatever path God wants me to take, whether it's with him or not. My best friend of 23 years and i have been fighting over this and now she won't speak to me because i told her i wanted to try again with him. she is not a christian and i'm not sure if this is the devils way of putting blocks up for me or if this is God's way of telling me to stop.

Lie About Santa Claus Acceptable
So, bottom line, let children play make-believe other words, they know Santa is not real, but they can play like he is all they want. It's important for children to know the difference between make-believe and reality.

Lie About Santa Claus Acceptable
I remember when my little brother (13 yrs. younger than me) found out that there was no Santa. He immediately starting asking, "Is Jesus real? Is God real? How do you know?" and he went through a time of serious questioning. I could not believe the sophisticated questions coming from an 8 yr. old.

Lie About Santa Claus Acceptable
Why let children make-believe and "talk to their barbie dolls" and play cowboys and indians, but not believe in Santa? Well, the answer is clear. When children make up their own stores and make-believe, they know it's a fantasy and not the truth. But, when the child has the adults (the people they trust the most) in their lives telling them a lie year after year, it is extremely discouraging to the child to finally learn that it's all a lie.

Good Version Of The Bible
well my pastor says the kjv av 1611 is the one true bible and since my father passd on he's the one who gives me advice and all. so i'd say the kjv av 1611 because it has not been changed like all the others have been. this is just my opion my pastor can back it up with scripture but i can't i'm just learning. yours truely linda5569

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