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I Can't Forgive Myself
I think if God can forgive you than you can forgive yourself because forgiveness is a mutual thing if your friends and family have forgiven you than you should certainly let those past actions go and move on with your life. If you do not move on with your life and continue to feel like your unworthy than the devil has won and God would be dissapointed. So ease up on yourself and forgive yourself as God has forgave you. God be with you and if you ever need to talk just message me.

My Husband Desires Other Women
Ok you said appears to be attracted to her. Have you spoken with him about that. It's very easy to let the enemy make us think things that aren't true. If you havnt talked to him please do. Communication is so important.
As for grounds it divorce unless you have proof of him sleeping with another woman there is no grounds for divorce. Do you really want a divorce and if so are there other issues or just your suspicion that he has desires for another woman? If so these things should all be dealt with in counseling sessions with your pastor or another qualified Christian counselor.

Who is David Jeremiah
Dr. David Jeremiah is a great teacher. I do believe God has called us to be cheerful givers and he does say in the bible to test him in this area and that we will receive more than we give. I think some people are confused to think we will receive more money than we give. It may come in another form such a healed marriage, a child's salvation, blessings in general. Things that are better than money! Even professors teaching within the same seminary have different views. We are human and can only try to understand God but we never will figure Him out. He tells us we won't. We have to have faith when things don't make sense.

Divorce A Drug Addict
1.As I was searching for an answer myself...I feel your pain reading this. No one, not my pastor, not my parents, not family, friends...the wise people in my life can tell me if leaving my husband if he refuses to give up his alcohol addictions and lying (over our entire marriage of almost 7 years, 3 years of infertility, 2 children) will make me the sinner and put myself and my children in a worst position in God's eyes. It is tough because it feels EXACTLY like an affair when you are lied to every time your spouse speaks, about alcohol, about recover, about daily stuff...wanting "numbness" as he uses every "poor me" excuse in the book, and turns the tables on you

What Do Angels Look Like
Yes, bright as lighting and as fast.

Desire To Leave My Husband
You are to ask God to fill you with the love you need to continue in this relationship. Pray for your marriage to change. God is in control if you let him things will be different. Gal 6:7-8,2Thes3:3,1 Peter5:6-7,Phil 4,James4:7-8,2Cor2:5-11, These maybe helpful to you. Try the Love Dare book.

Supernatural God Experience
Yup!!! I love em, well most times anyway. Depends, Ive had bad ones where God has shown me an actual burden on me. I was hunched over yet I couldnt get it off. It was so big and was like carrying a huge bag of cement but felt like potatoes and yet it was neither of those things. I just begged God to get it off me. He was just showing me how big a burden I had been carrying all my life. Ive had an arm around me. Ive had the Holy Spirit in my room in 'person' form. Ive had the healing heat of God heal my stomach cramps one time when I was in worship. Ive had heaps more but this is limited so..yeah!

Is Death A Type Of Sleep
This is a view that is followed by cults and those in the occult. It's called soul sleep and only they are fond of this view.
Christians do not believe in it, nor is it biblical.

Why Are Christians Fat
Yes, gluttony is a sin, but so is any obsession over your body or any excess. We all struggle with some lust of the flesh...gluttony has immediate punishment because everyone can see the weight, and you learn some humility. I really don't understand why this blog exists...if you're concerned for the souls of your brothers and sisters who struggle with obesity, do something about it! Become a nutritionist or counselor, but don't sit at your computer and judge them.

Divorce For Just A Change
I am the mother-in-law of the spouse who wanted a "change" in his life. How can I forgive this guy who walked out on my daughter and their three kids? It has nearly devastated us. Is it ever okay? Just because you're bored, or the house isn't clean, or someone else looks better? Again, is this okay???? No.... God values covenants, promises.

Impulsively Got Married
Mike, what are you talking about???

How Does God Answer Prayer
When you ask for something with a pure motive which will bring glory to God, He will without doubt give you what you ask.He deepens your faith whilst you are waiting on Him and trusting Him!

Are Mary Appariations Demons
Fatima, Mary said Pray to God!Oh my Jesus forgive us our sins save us from the fires of hell, lead all souls to Heaven, especially those in most need of YOUR mercy!The devil doesn't say to pray to Jesus.'Jesus I trust in You!'is used in Catholic faith thus going straight to Jesus! Thousands of conversions to Christ is the result. Deny this? If so, you haven't studied the results enough.Not all apparitions of Mary are approved by the Vatican & will never because they have been put to test. God Bless you!

Successful ChristiaNet Relations
Hi, thats a wonderful question. am really interested in it as well. Good question well done. God bless you. Mary

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