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Amnesty For Mexicans
MarkV, a little self-righteous lately?
---Jed on 6/20/12

Lately? Hes been that way for at least 3 years that Ive seen.

Are Christians At War
praying for everyone on line.---MarkV

Why do you pray for them if their fates have already been decided? Why do you pray for anything? Its not like the God of scripture will change his mind simply because a man asks him for something.

But then again, He did change his mind quite a few times in the old testament...

Mt Sinai New Covnenant
You're so full of love, Christan. It just ooozes from you.

Im asking a simple question. Why cant I get a simple answer without the insults?

Mt Sinai New Covnenant
You clearly have no sense of what salvation by grace is about.
---christan on 4/23/12

Mark, I know exactly what salvation by grace is. I just believe God when he says it is his will to save everyone even though we know everyone will not be saved. The only possible reason that could be is because man resists the call. Anything else and youre calling God a liar.

One day you will have to admit to yourself that sometimes its better to admit that you dont know rather than to deny what is clearly written in scripture.

Mt Sinai New Covnenant
Lookwhoshiding, look who's talking you who hides behind another name

Yes Im doing it on purpose.. I think most people figured that out.

Now, MarkV, I have a question for you. I noticed you are avoiding the accusation so Ill ask. Are you "Christan"?

Mt Sinai New Covnenant
The worst part is he (MarkV/Christan)is throwing up Deut 30:6 to prove that God circumsizes their hearts, but doesnt even bother to see that the REASON God circumsizes their heart is because they first "returned to the Lord and obeyed his voice" (verse 2) and the big THEN in verse 3 which shows Gods actions in verses 4-6 are a reaction to their repentance.

Yet more scripture twisted.

God Gets Everyone Saved
Genuine Christians would never belief God who is Almighty, is stop by the decisions of sinful man. What God are you guys worshipping? ---Mark_V on 4/21/12

God told Moses, "but I will harden his heart, that he shall not let the people go." Exodus 4:21 - why do you not belief it's God who hardens the man as He has declared?
---christan on 4/21/12

I always wondered why when I address "Christan", "MarkV" pops up no matter what blog its in. You should be ashamed of yourself, whoever you are. Noone will listen to anything you say if you have to jump from name to name to support yourself.

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