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Told To Celebrate Jesus's Birth
Eloy I pray that everyone reads for themselves the scriptures you used completely out of context and reads down further to see what the others say. Also please do the research for yourselves.

Hurt By A Church
I, unfortunately, am in the midst of a very hurtful situation. While my behavior hurt people, I am sorry and have repented. However, the church has totally turned their back on me and my family. No one has reached out to us - either disparagingly or comfortingly. No one has bothered to see if I'm o.k. I feel like I have been abandoned by a church I have been very dedicated to. I was asked by someone outside the congregation if I was asked to leave the church. I said "no" because no one has even contacted me. It's a tough situation because I know they are in pain, too. But they seem to be acting a bit hypocritically if you ask me.

What Day Is The Sabbath
J E S U S C H R I S T is the Sabbath

Is The Catholic Rosary Biblical
When I went to Catholic school, the nun's forced us to say the Rosary. We had to write down our requests on a scroll and burn them to send them up to Mary. LIES! I'm angry, because I could have started out my childhood serving the living God, not a lie. The Rosary are devil beads! READ THE BIBLE. I'm angry because Catholics come on here to push there devil religious practices. CATHOLIC LIES!

What's Up Blog #10
Why would you won't to upset people It's your way or the Hiway.HUH

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