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Evolution versus Creationism
Between you and me, it must have been quite a challenge for Noah to manage the couple of tyranosaurus rex and the goats for so long on the same boat...we all know they often had a small hole in their stomach lol

Christian Magic For Kids
Listen everyone. I am a full time magician for children. I am also a Christian. Let me answer a few questions. Criss Angel is not a demon, he is an entertainer, what he does is fake, all of it. An interest in the Art of Magic does not lead one down the path of the devil. If a magician ever says what he does is "real" then he is lying. We "entertain", that's it. Magicians are like musicians, jugglers, clowns, actors, poets, etc, etc, etc.

Are Roman Catholics Christian
Yes, do you think God enjoys watching you bow before a statue of Mary? Mary's not watching you, but God is. He wants to see your heart bowing before the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, God.

Should We Pray To Saints
Which Scriptures say the saints are vitally concerned about anything here on earth?

They're with the Lord. There's a great gulf between heaven and earth. Humans, God's creation, including Mary, aren't traveling back and forth or even looking in on our lives. The Holy Spirit is here, there's no need for humans, God's creation to look in on God's creation. That's God's job and He's more than capable. His eyes run to and fro. He can see everything and everyone. God's creation cannot do that.

Are Roman Catholics Christian
What did Jesus say?

Mary! Do not cling to Me, for I have not yet ascended to My Father; I am ascending to My Father and your Father, and to My God and your God.

He did not say I am ascending to Joseph.

Jesus said, Woman, why are you weeping? Whom are you seeking?

Jesus is God and Man. Jesus ascended to Our Father and to Our God.

Mary is not your Heavenly Mother. There is no Heavenly Mother.

Are Roman Catholics Christian
We do not have a spiritual Mother. The Bible does not mention anything about Mother.

Father, Son and Holy Spirit.... God
No mention of a mother in there.
Mary did not become God and Man on earth or when she died. She is human, created by God.
Like you and me. Human creation.

Are Roman Catholics Christian
Well, she's not your mother. She is the Mother of Jesus. Jesus loves her, but she is not your mother.

You have your own mother. She's not answering the world's prayers, Jesus is.
I have no idea what she's doing now, the Bible doesn't tell us. She's busy. There's a great gulf between Mary and Caring. So I don't know if it's possible that she ever gave earth another thought after she died and went to heaven.

Why Was The Apocrypha Removed
Pop Evangelicals, you say. Your blind sir and don't know it.

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