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Poor Listen Better To The Gospel
Rev.Herb: I give thanks for your work: you are blessed with a mission.Poor is a word that hurts the image of a tiny child who needs help and love.It stops the inspiration of a mother to try to give hope to a child and faith to a husband.God can and does help through service like yours ,so ..God Bless your ministry.lulac3895

Any Funny Family Stories
After my husband died ,I was working two fulltime jobs.but going to church made me cry.after y son complained I went to church,not in the choir on the front pugh .I sat quietly.A lady came up to me and said,"Will you
move,you are in my place?" I quietly moved to the back.Lulac3895

Practice Speaking In Tongues
I had never heard of "practicing " tongues.Is it this generation of short cuts or what do you suppose is the reason holiness people would do this?It is supposed to be a gift and not even all holiness experience it. So they change language ,or is there a box with tiny pieces of paper in it to give each a new language.Cheating is a big part of this generation and I think we need to look into this method of fraud.Lulac3895

Should We Follow Pagan Holidays
Why worry about what happens on a pagan holiday if you are not pagan?Remember you are a Christian so each day you live is a Christian day.You have claimed it
because of Christ who died on the wooden cross,with nails in HIs hands.Let the others go their way,claim your own life as Jesus taught.Let your Christian light shine from sea to shinig sea.Thank HIm and Praise HIm,Give God the glory,live in HIs Grace and love.Be led by the Holy Spirit.Lulac3895

Should We Follow Pagan Holidays
Times are changing!Preachers have to hold other... jobs.Penecostal preachers want to own their own churches (the buildings).They have to work when they are told too,also overtime to pay for the BLDG.also to have a fine home .Well? Is it not true?Sometimes they have to wash clothes like everybody;washers with dryers have saved us on that one but Don't hang out clothes!Women always work all the time.I really don't see any that keep the Sabbath,we are in 2006.lulac3895

Should We Follow Pagan Holidays
Every day is Gods' Holy day in my life of Christianity.It is 2006,comeback to now and bring our Holy Father,King and Savior Jesus Christ into this century or this decade.I claim the right to discern for myself and have the Holy Spirit in me.To have Christmas ,whatever we want to celebrate in our America ...OUR AMERICA.Use the Doggy calendars or the Lighthouse, ....,I want to know I'm alive in Jesus name .Lulac3895

Biggest Sins In Church
#1 sin: is Denying Christ.Discerning Him out of our hearts if necessary.#2 sin:Dwelling on the outward appearances,instead of letting the Holy Spirit free in our hearts.#3
sin:Too many chiefs and not enough Indians.Sometimes we lose the very ones who need the church the most.The harshness of words and condemnation,the judgements are too critical for assuming persons to make.Clicks are for children
and Christians are free!Threats and fear surely can't save a soul.

Are Crosses A Graven Image
The last cross I made was a 3'by3' mahoghany cross for my home.I love it and whatever you may think about me ,I have made
them 9' tall and 4' wide.It must be hard to disown children and give up all pictures ,decor etc.Memories can be beautiful.Maybe some worship material possessions like idols .But I never think of idols.Same about my wedding rings and clothes and shoes.Free yourself from bondage.lulac3895

Should Christians Help The Poor
Many are out of work ,with children;electric bills and gas and transportation needs;no medicine for a sick baby; can't meet the child support,have terminal diseases ;disabilities;we can help them or not;Rich say no help; we used to do it with government help.If the welfare pays for aid to women with boyfriends and live ins.The hubby has to pay back the money to the state so he is doing that when a job comes along.Lulac 3895

Should Christians Help The Poor
I am concerned more than anything I know, about this today. Welfare State? Or Christian state of welfare. Or rich in charge of welfare? Welfare money should be a government indigent care aid to save real people from starving ,give dignity and Christian love to the needy. We always did have indigent care and it was not begrudged by even anyone who had jobs and growing families. We were proud to be able to help. It can't be ruled by the rich. lulac3895

Should Christians Help The Poor
I am concerned more than anything I know, about this today.Welfare State? Or Christian state of welfare.Or rich in charge of welfare ?Welfare money should be a government indigent care aid to save real people from starving ,give dignity and Christian love to the needy.We always did have indigent care and it was not begrudged by even anyone who had jobs and growing families.We were proud to be able to help.It can't be ruled by the rich. lulac3895

My Kids Don't Write Or Call
Larry: It may not be negative but maybe they don't want to hurt anymore.My daughter told me that she got sick and cried too much when her Daddy was sick,before he died she couldn't work or think.I had to believe her.After he passed I realized that to be true for the children.I had to take full responsibility alone ,two youngest were there to help me ,and I had nurses Drs. and aids. Lulac3895

I Want To Divorce My Husband
You can leave him first,then seek counciling for yourself.Don't worry about him,he has loving arms around him, not yours.Yes,think of other spouses,all you want to,there are real fine men out there who come out of unequally yoked marriages.Don't worry,she is taking care of him! Real well! Lulac3895

My Husband Is Unfaithful
Mae, Dear child of God:You can use this abuse to leave now .He has broken the ties that bind.It is not what he says but what he does.I pray you will leave him and have the freedom you deserve from all this sin.God will bless you and you will do fine on your own,and respect who you are getting rid of him quick,before the ink drys.Lulac3895

I Want To Divorce My Husband
From the beginning of Christianity there have been Mentally abusive husbands.Just leaving woman alone to have a baby ,all alone and helpless.If he is verbally abusive toward you,leave him before it turns physical ,how limited just call slack or police and go taking the children.They will help you.You only have to cleave to your husband (in Christ)..he is not in Christ if he abuses you and or children.Lulac3895

Make-Up Or Hair Color Godly
Loose powder and makeups,along with conservative clothes help protect the skin from cancer.Hygiene is always important so I try to look fresh ,wear white and avoid all the ticks ,fleas ,fire ants as well as mesquitos and horse flies( which bite).Wasps and bees?Reasons are not always vain .I wear a bluejean shirt,mexican sombrero,socks and tennis shoes to mow! What would Jesus do?Conservative but sensible.Lulac3895

People Don't Believe In God
The whole story of Christ is mystical,.Awesome to the point we "traditionally" have gathered in HIs name since the Catacombs. We speak scripture by heart or memory and have prayer meetings as the first Christians did in the dark. The unforgivable sin is denying Christ,some will never come to Christ... on His terms.Lulac3895

Illegals To Fight Americans
Hi!Tim444,This is interesting,I nearly missed it.I hope you know all the inside info.I am not surprised to hear all and anything about him after he sat for an hour while 9/11 was in progress reading a book.I didn't believe my eyes as I watched it all tumble down.There was no leadership for us then.Sounds like noone can protect us anymore ,an illegal alien takeover has already occurred,we don't count anymore. More tricks.Lulac3895

Christian Women Dress Scantly
Your life may depend on what you wear,be discreet and wear what you want too,be able to kick, hit and run fast .Your preditors won't be christians..Christian males are the same make as other beware and take care.Dress for the occasion!Don't wear tiny clothes or shoes .Don't change your body,or wear tatoos,God loves us as we are,He makes no mistakes!Lulac3895

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