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When Are They Beheaded
StoneAxe and Cluny,

There is obviously no thinking brain in you head. I didn't claim that John wrote in Aramaic... Catholic and Protestant historians all agree that he did!!

Also how could the masses understand John's words read to them in Greek, if they didn't speak Greek??

Also... A personal opinion on an interpretation of prophecy, doesn't ADD or TAKE AWAY anything!!


If I could show you all of the Biblical and historical evidence that I have, I could at least prove to you that my position on Islam does indeed have a solid foundation. Unfortunately, limited to 125 words per post, makes that type of discussion impossible.

God Bless!

When Are They Beheaded

John intended his Aramaic scrolls to be read aloud to the illiterate masses.

The symbol John wrote may indeed be "666", but it has nothing to do with the Antichrists he spoke of. Read (Re 13:11-18) carefully, and you will see that this number somehow represents the "Beast out of the Sea".

The "Beast out of the Earth" forces the world to swear allegiance to this monstrous last world empire that has a man's NAME and a NUMBER.

Here is where wisdom is required.

The name of the last empire is... "Mohammedanism". Its number may be the year the Koran was presented as a holy Book ... "666" AD.

When Are They Beheaded

This was commonly taught by Catholic historians.

Latin, Greek, and Hebrew were the dominant written languages, but most people were illiterate.

John wrote his Gospel in Aramaic. John himself was fluent in Aramaic. John's audience did not have Greek as their first and best spoken or written language.

Johns writings were read to his audience. He chose Aramaic because it was the most common spoken language for his audience.

Another reason John wrote in Aramaic is that his Gospel has long discourses of Jesus speaking. Since Jesus taught in Aramaic, John was more likely to write long passages of Jesus' own words in Aramaic. Aramaic was the best fit for this type of writing.

When Are They Beheaded
Hi StrongAxe,

I watched both videos again. I think both videos were trying to prove something that simply can't be proven. We will never know what image John actually put on the scroll. Since he wrote in Aramaic not Greek.

My interest was in a discussion as to why there was so much confusion in the minds of the early translators. Aramaic was easily translated into Greek, especially numbers.

What was it about the "MARK" that caused it to be translated as both 616 and 666. The oldest, Papyrus 115, clearly reads 616.

I believe that it was a symbol and not numbers. And that it somehow applies to Islam and Mohammed. But since John's original scroll is gone, we'll never know for sure.

When Are They Beheaded

I say again PLEASE go to a Google search, and type in these words EXACTLY...( You Tube Islam = Mark of the Beast ) And click on the video that says... Islam = Mark of the Beast

Then let's talk

When Are They Beheaded
Cluny, StrongAxe,

I can't help you open your minds if your first response is always to
dismiss anything and everything that doesn't fit into your little box.

StrongAxe, DID YOU ACTUALLY LOOK AT THE VIDEO I SUGGESTED, or did you look for the one you wanted, the stupid one that debunked it.

I am disappointed. The one I suggested was very enlightening and ACURATE. I looked up many other sources for the images, and the video I suggested was completely accurate. I was hoping for much more from you.

Cluny, your response is EXACTLY what I expected. An ignorant response to something you haven't seen.

God bless you all!

When Are They Beheaded
History Lesson,

Mohammed's army swept through the Middle East beheading everyone who would not convert. By 689AD Christianity was virtually eradicated from the Middle East.

Then Islam attacked Spain, and France. Islam's advance ended at the battle of Tours in 732AD.

Islam then turned on Eastern Europe. Constantinople quickly fell and for over 200 years the Turks rampaged their way through Eastern Europe.

In the decisive Battle of Vienna on September 11 in 1683, the Turks were defeated.

Those who were martyred from 689AD-1683AD (1,000 years), came to life and ruled with Christ, IN HEAVEN. (Revelation 6:9-11) (Revelation 20:4)

But it isn't over. The final Jihad began on September 11, 2001.

When Are They Beheaded

When you examine the pictures of the actual manuscripts, then we could have a good conversation.

PLEASE Google... YouTube Islam = Mark of the Beast

THEN we can talk about it.

When Are They Beheaded
StrongAxe, and anyone else who is interested a real discussion,

A picture is worth a thousand words. StrongAxe, if you are really interested... go to Youtube and enter ( Islam = The Mark of the Beast )

Third Temple Belief
Cluny and kathr4453,

You really do have trouble with the English Language don't you?

I couldn't have been any clearer that there is not now nor will there ever be a Third Jewish Temple.

Do you not know that YOU ARE THE TEMPLE OF GOD (1Corinthians 3:16) "...for the temple of God is holy, WHICH YOU ARE. (1Corinthians 3:17) Or do you not know that YOUR BODY IS THE TERMPLE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT (1Corinthians 6:19) FOR YOU ARE THE TEMPLE OF GOD" (2Corinthians 6:16)

When Are They Beheaded

Once again you have proven to be the most closed-minded person on this Blog Site.

Simply for the purpose of discussion, I suggested that there is in Christian circles the discussion of perhaps what John put down on paper was not Greek letters (numbers).

If you actually read your Bible once in a while, you would know that John was not told to write "Numbers". John was told to write what he "SAW". His depiction of what he saw could very easily be Arabic symbols.

Since Islam is clearly the "Great Sword" of Seal 2, this possibility has merit for at least a polite discussion.

Also... There's no "Device" that could write these symbols on a piece of cloth?? Really!!

Third Temple Belief

You really don't like to read your Bible do you? Where is all this activity in and around the Third Temple in the book of Revelation??

I already responded to (Re 11:1-2). It's used by desperate Third Temple believers.

However, since there aren't ANY legitimate Third Temple verses anywhere in the Bible, these verses most likely refer to the invisible and spiritual Temple of Christ's Church (Eph 2:21), and that these verses are describing the separation of the tares (professing Believers) from the wheat (True Believers) before the ingathering (Rapture) at the last (7th) trumpet blast (verse 15).

In "Revelation", "His" (God's) temple and the Ark of His covenant is in Heaven ( Verse 19).

When Are They Beheaded

For those who have studied the manuscripts (Re 20:4), the symbols interpreted as 666 may not actually be Greek letters, but Arabic symbols. Read from right to left, these Arabic symbols are translated as "In the name of Allah".

This is interesting for three reasons.

First, Devout followers of Mohammed and Allah wear this exact symbol as a headband and as a wristband on their right hand (See pictures of Islamic terrorist groups).

Second, During the first and second Jihad against Christendom, converts to Islam were often required to wear this symbol of loyalty to Islam.

Thirdly, Those who refused this mark and were martyred, were killed during this 1,000 year period (590-1683). See (Re 6:9-11)

Third Temple Belief

Are you seriously suggesting that something as vital to dispensational believers as a literal "Third Temple", would be left out of Bible prophecy and God's WORD???


Third Temple Belief

For someone who claims to have been a Christian for 50 years, your arrogant ignorance is truly amazing.

You constantly pontificate and attack people with ridiculous and fallacious statements as if they are well settled Biblical fact.

For instance, YOU said...

"...To repeat what I said earlier, Revelation talks about some events that will take place in and around the Jerusalem Temple. This obviously requires a THIRD temple, as Revelation was written after the destruction of Jerusalem..."

PLEASE... enlighten us all as to where these passages in Revelation are that speak about all of this activity in and around the Third Temple in JERUSALEM???

I have paper and pencil ready

Third Temple Belief
The point of my blog question has been proven to be correct.

The Third Temple will NEVER be built! This has been proven by the fact NO ONE has been able to contribute a single verse that actually predicts a Third Temple.

Unlike YOU, who blindly stick to what you have been taught, the Berean Jews demanded Biblical proof before they would believe Pauls teachings. They searched the Scriptures for themselves, to make sure that what Paul taught was really true. Paul wasnt offended. In fact, he called them noble-minded.

You are not noble-minded, because you will not search the Scriptures to prove that what you believe is true.

You would have been among those who enthusiastically joined the Spanish Inquisition.

Third Temple Belief

PLEASE!! Restore sanity and focus to whats left of this discussion!

The POINT of this blog question was to have a discussion about the possibility that the popular belief in a coming Third Temple might be wrong, and that waiting for one to be built, could cause Christians to miss the prophetical events that are unfolding right now.

The Third Temple will NEVER be built! There are no verses that proclaim it to be re-built. NONE!! This has been proven by the fact that for the exception of Monk Brendan on 8/14/15, NO ONE has contributed a single verse that predicts a Third Temple.

I believe the first 5 SEALS are already open, and Christians are completely blind to obvious prophecy fulfillment TODAY.

Third Temple Belief


A closed mind is an impossible nut to crack. You are NOT willing to actually discuss ANYTHING!

You are a "Nit-picker" who NEVER has anything positive to contribute.

I have gathered my sources over DECADES of study... You go to a GOOGLE search... REALLY!!

By, By Now!

Third Temple Belief

After this, I'm done with Pope talk. ALL of the reformers believed that the Roman Pope was "Antichrist".

Gregory I was considered the first Pope, because he was the first to consolidate power in Rome. Ecumenical Councils were attended by representatives of both East and West.

However, Pope Innocent III was the first pope to claim to be the Vicar of Christ and Infallibility. This Pope was a real king of a real empire. The Holy Roman Empire was a consolidation of many European countries. Therefore, this Pope commanded a real multi-national army that fought real wars of real territorial conquest.

Pope Innocent III was the first pope to truly earn the title "Antichrist".

Third Temple Belief
Hi Cluny,

Sorry, I could only get so much info into 125 words.

According to most Christian scholars, the first real pope was Gregory I who ruled from 590-604 AD. Seal 1 has been open for 1,424 years.

Today, the Pope has no military power. When the final Antichrist takes his place as the leader of a united apostate Christian Church, he will have no army to command. Therefore, it is interesting to note that the rider on the White Horse of Seal 1 has a Bow, but no arrows!

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