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Why Was Levi The Priests
God chose Moses because he was the man fit for the job. He was brought up in the palace.He knew pharoah very well. He had a walk with God. Imagine spending fourty days with God and your face glows with the glory.He saw God face to face. Aaron came in because Moses gave God an excuse for stummering.

Why Was Levi The Priests
God chose Moses because he was the man fit for the job. He was brought up in the palace.He knew pharoah very well. He had a walk with God. Imagine spending fourty days with God and your face glows with the glory.He saw God face to face. Aaron came in because Moses gave God an excuse for stummering.

Is Dating A Sin
Dating is a sin in the sense that why would you waste your time dating someone you will not marry. Say someone can date like eight people before getting married. Such people will not settle marriage, they will be thinking if it doesnt work i will devorse and get someone else.We donot see anyone in the bible who dated before marriage,it was only courtship. So as christians we are to identify our purpose for life then court someone who will compliment our purposes.

Why Curse The Fig Tree
Jesus cursed the fig tree because it was not playing its role. It was supposed to provide figs for people to eat. But it didn't have any and Jesus expected it to have, may be it was its season. Lesson from this is not to miss our season of fruitfulness, even if time and chance happens to all, if one misses his ,he is no different from one cursed.

Husband Using Drugs
Rita H I your advise is not saving the couple's marriage at all. No marriage on this earth began perfect. Parties just decided to make their marriage work and become perfect. Love conquers all handles.If the two love each other they will get back and you will be surprised. Do not put asunder........If the two are from functional homes they will get back, but if its dis functional, they need to heal first for the marriage to work.

How Should Christians Pray
Prayer is talking to God. So any time one is talking to God he/she is praying. Just the way one talks to a best friend about any secret that's how one should pray.Quiet people prefer praying quietly. And loud people cant help but pray loudly.Prayer of christian is affected by personality and the church or fellowship present truth.E.g having scriptures in your prayer, casting ,binding and losing.

What Is Spiritual
Spiritual means that the Spirit of God is involved in that matter and Christ is the center.(reason for that matter and the end product brings glory to God)

Earth Was Destroyed
The earth was destroyed because sin came into Satan and a third of the angels. Then they were cast to the earth and then gross darkness covered the earth and earthquake. Thus God had to create again.In Isaiah we come to know how Lucifer was a morning star leading worship when he sinned he started burning with fire.

Uniting Of Many Religions
Kenneth Copeland ministry is a ministry whose foundational core value is love, unconditional love. If you understand that you know where he is coming from.

What Changes A Sinner
A Sinner is changed into a Sinner by accepting Jesus in the heart, asking him for forgiveness, by admitting being a sinner. Then you make Him the lord of your life. And then accept his constitution of the bible to guide you in everyday life. Thus a paradigm shift from a prostitute to woman in ministry.E.g Mary Magdalene.

Is Love A Feeling Or An Action
Love is God the bible says God is love at times we do not see Him, feel him but He is ever present. SO LOVE our daily life style. Read 2corinthians 13.

What Is Repentance
Repentance is realizing you are dirty and you need a clean up. And then you take a birth.(salvation) from being a sinner.

Why Did Jesus Weep
Jesus wept to show us one of the four faces of God. That He is human ,meaning,understanding our hurts and pain. He felt the pain of losing a friend. So that we trust Him when we are in pain to give us joy.

Does God Always Forgive
When one dies its the body that dies but the Spirit lives forever and there is no gender after Resurrection. I don't think there will be people who will be just sited at the master's feet. God is a worker, meaning we shall be working in heaven, just as angels worship God daily. Manna which was fed to the Israelite was called angel's food so there bakers in heaven.

Does God Always Forgive
God is love and He is consistent in his word of forgiveness. Everyone can be forgiven if they accept Jesus in their hearts, but the devil and his angels can never do this. So they will go to hell, to burn forever.

Fruit Of The Holy Spirit
The fruit of the spirit is one, but comprising of the nine, joy, peace.....We can get them from the Holy Spirit. They are not automatic but we grow into them as we mature in the things of God. Such that if one slaps you instead of slapping back you give the other chick.

My Wife Filed For Divorce
The Bible commands men to love their wives even as Christ loved the church, then wives are told to submit to their husbands as the church to Christ. If you seriously loved your wife(unconditionally)why wouldn't she submit to you? Go apologize to your wife and tell her you cannot leave without her.Ask her for a second chance. That's the easiest way of dealing with Jezebel.Most times in marriage its our past life which affects our marriages. Find out about her father, whether she loves and trusts him, or she is carrying bitterness.The same applies to you.Then find out about the mothers.Become honest to each other, then your marriage will bloom.Its not too late.

Why Was Jesus Born
Earth brought pleasure and Glory.Genesis 1:1, In Genesis 2 Lucifer an angel of God ,leading worship got pride in him got cast down with a third of the angels from heaven.There was gross darkness on the earth. GOD had to create again. Adam and Eve to take care of the earth. Then Genesis 4 ,they had let God down by eating from the forbidden tree, getting wisdom from the devil(Lucifer)in the process of fixing things. God used PATRIARCHS male house heads in the old testaments, then MOSES,kings but all those were not perfect. It was animals blood for the atonement of sins the sacrifice of the lamb and then an escape banished goat temporarily covered the sins. So finally God had to send His sinless son to be the ultimate sacrifice.

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