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Rapture Doesn't Happen
How surprised will YOU be, when the rapture DOES happen, pre 70th week, and YOU are left behind?

God is a perfect gentleman, and since you believe something else will come first, you will be left behind. He is coming for those "looking for" Him.


Please Explain Revelations
Clues to a proper understanding of Revelation:

Any theory that must re-arrange John's chronology, is immediately suspect, and will be proven wrong.

Find the midpoint: Daniel said the abomination will divide the week into two halves. Any mention in Revelation of the 3 1/2 years, is a hint that you are very close to the exact midpoint.

Once the midpoint is found, before it will be the first half of the week, and after it will be the second half of the week.

Is There Really A Rapture
The "rapture" is a catching up. Paul says: the dead in Christ rise first - then we (in Christ) will be changed and rise to meet Jesus in the clouds.

This event will be the trigger for the "day of the Lord." Matthew says, "the earth did quake, and the graves were opened..." proving a precedent for an earthquake to accompany [or cause] a resurrection. Look in Revelation for a world-wide earthquake, and soon after, a huge crowd, that cannot be numbered for its size.

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