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Do I Let My Wife Go
Cynthia, will you be moving to Vegas,too?
You all should have a reunion when you arrive there.

Pastor's Wife Wants Affair
Yes, catherine, it's true, happening right under our very noses.
But you see, while shrouding themselves in secrets, vanity and pride can't help itself.
Vanity and pride constantly whisper about their own secrets. Like pulling one loose thread on a sweater floating by, the undoing, coming undone, the unraveling. Lo and behold, the covering is gone and the mantle is passed on to someone else.

Women Not In God's Image
Pretty is as pretty does. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Beautiful women have beguiled many down through the ages, but their insides were quite ugly.

Catholic Is Marrying A Quaker
Oh, you're not confused, neither are you aged.
No, Emcee::, you my friend are in the prime of life, wild, wooly, and living on the razor's edge.

Next Two Years On Earth
Do you think they used monkeys? Sea monkeys?
Or was it overgrown dragonflies at the controls?

How about ufo's, unidentified furry objects?

Catholic Is Marrying A Quaker
"Emcee, you can see most of the followers in your church do not understand the same principles. Don't believe its your church only and many other different believes in the denomination. All I was trying to say that it is not your church Christ was talking about. The church is the body of believers that have been baptized Spiritually as one by the Holy Spirit, which is pure by Christ works on the cross.
---lisa on 11/16/06 "

Catholic Is Marrying A Quaker
" You have a right to choose, but the choice you make will be for a reason, so in reality it wasn't free at all, it had a reason. You do have a right to not believe Scripture only, but it does not make it right. Every denomination has some bad in it. It all started from the beginning in the churches of Ephesians, Corintians, Thessalonians,Sardes, and many more. So yours is no where without much false doctrine in it.
---lisa on 11/16/06"

There's only one lisa.

What's Up In February
I don't think it's quirky at all.
If one of us goes to the desert, all of us will be going to the desert.
It really didn't take me 8 years to figure that out.

Catholic Is Marrying A Quaker
That's odd, lisa.
I do remember when you were writing on the OSAS blogs, claiming that you had left the RCC, did you go back?

Next Two Years On Earth
Houston, we have a problem.

There coming to take us away, ha ha he he, to the funny farm where life is beautiful all day long.

Creation Museum In Kentucky
Oneway, I read those same words, under the name of Helen. She said there was no such thing as dinosaurs, also.
Where is Helen, BTW?

Caught My Husband Cheating
I honestly do not want you to slip through the cracks.
A mind is a valuable thing to keep. How do you plan to get your life back on track?
You must choose this day whom you will allow to save you.
God can move through bad decisions but He can't move through "no" decisions.
You'll have to make a decision.

Can Good Christian Live In Adultry
empt, there's no need to come up with a new name. You have so many already, why not stop developing new lives to deal with pain.

My Husband Just Left Me
Maybe, maybe not, empt.

Years and years of these questions have been raised and answered by the one living in misery. There has been little improvement and the misery is brought up, day after day.
I don't see it as therapeutic, but another day of misery seeking more company.

You do not see anyone else writing in saying that it's helping them besides the one posing and answering their own questions.

My Husband Just Left Me
Those who do reply are perceived as "strangers" living in a foreign land.

What you really want is your own website, where you can live comfortably in a world of your own making, questions, answers and comforting - to your liking, worded the way that suits you. You've almost achieved that as they are few of us outsiders responding back to you.
I think you would have your own website if the need for constant attention was not so enticing, being viewed by 1000's that do not respond.

My Husband Just Left Me
I see the sidebar comments from the gallery, angry because a rare few are answering you, and disrupting this world of misery.

Well, I recently read one of the Mod's comments that over 100,000 view and about 1 or 2% reply. Wouldn't it be great if more people would join in.
I would enjoy visiting with someone that is not living in a parallel world of misery.

My Husband Just Left Me
How would I love to see bloggers that are content with one name on a website that belongs to Christianity.
How would I love to see bloggers that are not jealous of all others that want to respond to Christianity without having to defend their blogging name every day.
How would I love to see bloggers, fellow travelers that want to talk about Jesus Christ and not themself.

Caught My Husband Cheating
"Mike", why are you doing that?

Is it not possible to blog without going in to fabricated details about an imaginary life? Do you not know that the earmarks of this type of compulsion are to add more contrived details upon details to cover more details. After about 5000 of them, I do not believe a single word of it. Why do you have to give any details at all about these personal lives?
What is driving you to do that?

Caught My Husband Cheating
Portraying yourself as retired men is one thing. Pretending you were in Iraq is another.
Since I do not live in the world of fantasy, I can see, crystal clearly, that many of these lives are very angry. Angry at your spouse and life in general. They are used as a way to speak from your spouse's mind and speak from your mind and speak from the minds of whomever did you wrong, wrong, wrong.

Caught My Husband Cheating
If I have to co-exist in this parallel world, I'm going to speak as though it is one person and one person only.
I'm not wading through any more details.
You might believe them temporarily for the moment, but I do not.

You need to forgive your family and your spouse. You've told us repeatedly that you are trapped in a loveless marriage.

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