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Angels Taking Women For Wifes
If Giants means angels, then minute must be mouse. We truly confuse God's simple truth. God by the KJV people.

Is Tithing In The New Testament
No, the word tithing is NOT in the NT. The OT was the law, thus the 10% requirement, 10 commandments, and many other laws. When Jesus came, He gave us "MANY MORE COMMANDMENTS, WRITTEN ON OUR HEART." It's a free will thing, but we should give & cheerfully! I've been on the receiving end, having to ask for donations, and Christians can be very stingy in "free circles" where the 1O% tithe is NOT practiced. I have my suspicions that churches that do the 10% tithe take the easy way out!

I Need A Christian Friend
I also need a Christian friend, I hope you will write me as I have been praying for someone.

Cheated On Prison Husband
If God has forgiven you, you must forgive yourself. Ask God for help with this. Sometimes we cannot undo previous actions, but just trust God to work. All of us have an appointed time to go, just as our day of birth. Is your husband saved? If so, all will be resolved in heaven. Be resolved to do your best with God's help from now on. Smile, we all make mistakes, you are forgiven and not any worse than anyone else! God loves you and so do I sister.

Sprayed With Fly Killer
Simple...did Jesus or his Apostles do this stuff?
We are to emulate Jesus in word and deed, so there you go. The only crazy stuff in the NT was done by people affected by demons. That said, I would not judge, but pray for them. Do what you believe is correct according to your belief as you hae been taught by the Holy Spirit of God.

Husband's Narcosstic Personality
Wow after reading this, it sounds like my life. Only difference i have been married 30 yrs! My hubbie is perfect score on the test with 9 (?) criteria given. God help me, amen.

Lost Man Talk To God
OF COURSE! A lost man talking to God is just how we get saved. Who but a lost man would cry out to God and say: Jesus save me

Catholic Church Traditions
Raised a Catholic read the Bible when I had a reborn experience. I was shocked to find "teachings straight from the Bible" were much ignored. What of one scripture Paul suggests "forbid not a priest to marry." I had a tract saying how off the Catholics were biblically wrong on many issues. Sorry to say true, the bible proves it. IT IS SHOCKING especially when we are TAUGHT it's true. Most Catholics take word of priest, aren't as bible prolific, as some other churches.

Can Ladies Wear Pants
I went to a church where this was rule. Biblical as dressing "as a man." but NO TOLERANCE for wearing pants. Problem is Holy Spirit should do teaching, not church rules stopping someone. One reason Jesus hated Pharisee's-mans religious rules! I went by dress code, less problems, small price to pay for peace. I wore pants modestly-not tight at home. I do with all items of clothing,or fashion. Modesty is pure, Godly, even righteous.(definition:"doing the right thing")God bless you all.

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