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Prayer For Earthquake Victims
It breaks my heart to watch the news just recently. So many tragedies, so many lives lost and families grieving and homeless. Some tragedies seem worse that others when lots of children are the victims, as they are with this earthquake.Let us all hold up in prayer the parent who are grieving for their lost children and let us all do as much as we possibly can to support the relief efforts. We must not grow weary of helping and supplying funds just because these things keep happening.

Is Abortion Murder
Mima I think any answers given to this will depend on the individual's view of Old Testament laws. The death penalty, as far as I know, is not mentioned in the New Testament so, if we are no longer under the law AS MANY CONTINUALLY SAY ON CHRISTIANET, then how can we bring out this ancient law just when it suits us. O.T. Eye for an eye etc. versus N.T. Love your enemies and turn the other cheek. Which do you say it should be Mima?

I Live With My Dad
b. He'll want to know why you've done it and you'll have to tell him and be blunt. No-one would wish to treat a father like a lodger but he isn't being fair with you nor is he giving you any respect despite the fact you have given him a home. I wish you all the best with this. It's a hard place to be.

Sheperding Churches A Cult
2. A newcomer will ask advice from one person, who will then ask another who will then ask another until the top man clears it. It seems to rule out anyone personally asking the Holy Spirit for guidance. It also means that many people in these churches know an awful lot about a persons private life that they have no right to know. It is a horrible system of control.

What Is God Speed
2 John 1:10 and 11. I think that these verses are a warning regarding how closely we become involved with those trying to bring us 'another gospel' e.g. J.Ws.

Coming Home From Prison
If you don't want him in your house don't have him there. If your husband does want him there you might need to remind him that his first loyalty is to his wife not his son.

I Am Dating A Married Man
Listen to what the moderator is saying and do what he says. You know this is wrong whether you are a Christian or not.

Spirit-Filled Sinful Woman
I'd say start praying that she will begin to behave like the spirit filled woman she claims to be, that she will start to read her bible and see that it is wrong to be unequally yoked and that the relationship she is now in could lead to adultery. I think her motives might be that she wants your approval. Don't give it.

Can Widowed People Date
No it would not be wrong to date. I don't think that there is a set time to wait. You will just know when it is right I am sure.

Are Mary Appariations Demons
I personally believe that they are of the devil. Just one more of his clever ways of deceiving people.

Please Pray For My Bad Back
I too get severe back pain Conna so I know how you feel. I will pray for you as I'm sure many others will but you should also seek help if you are not already doing so. Have you tried an osteopath or chiropractor?

Prayer For Breast Cancer
Lupe I will be praying for this lady.

Faith Needed To Be Healed
None whatsoever I would think but how do you know his name was Malichus? Which version of the bible do you read.

Enoch's Writings Missing
Sorry moderator but how will the Apostles Creed Quiz help me to answer this question? Sorry John I cannot answer because I'm as puzzled as you are. I'm looking forward to some enlightening answers though.

Moderator - There is no book of Enoch just like there is no book of Casear. Bottomline not God inspired writings which would have fit in with the rest of the Bible.

I Live With My Dad
a. If it is YOUR house and you are allowing him to live with you, then you make the rules - regardless of the fact that he is your father. Talking to him about this is the best way but this might be difficult for you depending on his attitude to you. One quick solution to a small part of the problem would be to fit locks to any rooms you do not wish him to enter, especially those you consider your own private space.

Should I Marry My Boy Friend
I'd say do one thing at a time and the first thing is for him to get his drinking problem sorted out. Marriage should wait until after that. I'm glad you found out about the problem before marrying him because many marriage have broken up after this problem has been discovered. I hope the treatment goes well for him.

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