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Is The First Day Holy
cluny - ps 95:6 - says worship the Creator bow down - 7th day sabbath is associated with the CREATOR not the resurrector.

driving to church for worship IS NOT WORK. if you drive to do MORE WORK then that is violation. you are like the pharisee looking for something to accuse.
again - you can't answer if 1st day is SANCTIFIED or 'set aside for holy use.

Why Am I So Lonely
i am a straight man that is hoping to find love again, especially after a divorce. i feel as if GOD is punishing me, and i do not know why. my wife was the one that cheated on me in the first place, and i was a very caring and loving husband that never mistreated her at all. now going out and trying to find a good woman is very difficult for me, since many women today do have an attitude problem and are so very difficult to start a normal conversation with. there seems to be so many very nasty women today, and years ago they were certainly much more educated. and there are much more women that are more into other women, instead of meeting us serious men that are looking.

Does Suicide Send You To Hell
I came truly wanting the answer. I love the Lord my God with all my heart,soul, and mind. Jesus is my Lord and savior, the problem is I suffer from depression and anxiety, and I am hurting so bad that in my mind I need to stop the madness.

Why Do Something Not In Bible
the only two times birthdays are mentioned in the bible both times people lost their lives. God would not have put those two instances in the bible if not for a reason. Also Jesus never mentioned to remember his birth, only his death... perhaps thats why the date of his birth is not mentioned in the bible.

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