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Can A Christian Go To A Bar
Yes, a Christian can go to a bar, Just as Jesus went to a tax collectors house. But only to preach the good news of the gossible. Not to enjoy, or join inn or to participate in their sin. No drunkard will go to heaven. I wouldn't go! because its easier to take down a christian in the den of devels. But if you had 3 or 4 stong mature christians to go for a mission to serve God then ok! But I wouldn't with 3 or 4 who say they are christians and realy dont fallow God. Beware of the devils scheems for thousands of years evil has decieved many. Dont you be one. Be wise read proverbs over and over. Pray ask God for guidence. And you will see those you once hung out with get old and have no good life........................... Beware fiend

Church People Criticise Me
What did Jesus Do? Did he take vengence, No He didn't! What is it that they criticise about? ask yourself If its true? Only your heart would know if it is. You know between right and wrong! If it is! then maybe you should repent to God, God to teach you what He desires for your life. Sometimes we act on feelings because we feel affended when someone corrects us and we tend to think they are being criticle or condeming. sometimes others have hurt me deeply with their judgements of me. But I had to be real with myself and realize that I was wrong. No liar will go to heaven, so knowing this I had to be truthful to myself and I also thanked those who critcised me. Because it made me real with myself, and right with God

Mother Said Girl Is Ugly
If a mother says such things, this person needs help! demented people think on looks. God seeks the heart. And every child God loves. Who can give a child more love then Our Holy Father, King, and God. I pray for this child to believe this and know it in her hart. Children are a blessing to us if we bless them with our Love. They can be a rebellious to us if we curse our lifestyle.
God said I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you. I feel for this so called mother/woman.

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