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Why Is Healing Controversial
I've watched God heal people that had absolutely no faith for healing. Holy Spirit is the Teacher, He leads.
Some people may not even know what their medical problem might be, doctors/tests do not reveal the source. Holy Spirit knows, He reveals exactly how to pray for someone.

Why Is Healing Controversial
Knowledge can come while you're sleeping. When you wake up with a word in your mouth, speak it out, those are absolutely some of the greatest words from the Holy Spirit. It may be a very specific scripture for that person's situation, or a way to pray.
Healing. If it was not important to pray for healing, Jesus would not have revealed it to us through His Word.

Why Is Healing Controversial
I pray for people, and I've prayed for animals, too. I've prayed for a car engine to start when I was broken down along side the road. I could tell you about a tire, blowing out on a car, with the entire side of the tire obliterated, driving on it, making it in to town, tire sinking down to the rim when the car stops. Jesus is the Healer and God is still a miracle working God.

Why Is Healing Controversial
In their hour of crisis, God's saving power through Christ, will be their testimony.
Heavy burdens, no way to reach the hospital, people will be looking to God to save them in a lost and dying world.

As for me, I can't comprehend a life without faith that believes in the miraculous, healing power of Jesus Christ.

Why Is Healing Controversial
If there's anything you need to know about healing, ask Jesus Christ. He is the Healer, Great Physician.

Churches bound up with religious legalism, fearful of the Holy Spirit, find healing too hot to touch. They go through the motions, week after week, no healing, no miracles, nothing but tradition, legalism and dogma.
I've been witnessing miracles since the crib, and I am not bound with tradition, legalism or dogma.

Why Is Healing Controversial
My mother believes in healing, miracles. She is older now and every one of her prayers are answered. It helps not to be fearful. Faith is not fear.
We've found that when we pray together for family, relatives - those prayers are answered sooner. It helps not to struggle against unbelief, fear and doubt. If someone says, "you can pray for me, I don't really believe anything good ever happens to me, but go ahead - what can it hurt", you have to pray against the current.

Signs And Wonders Seen
Grey hair return to it's natural color.
Cartilage return to knees that were bone upon bone, tendons, ligaments restored.
mental illness - anger, anxiety, fear removed, person restored into their right mind,
Couples on verge of divorce, marriages healed. Adulterers turn away from adultery.
Heart attack victim's heart like new.
Lung cancer victim's lung restored.
Insanity cast out due to demon possession.
Chemical disorders of the brain restored.

Signs And Wonders Seen
Healing of memories due to insults, cruel treatment, abuse, hurts caused by another person.
Arthritis and bursitis removed
Kneecaps restored due to injury
Broken, deformed noses restored.
Obesity - appestats, appetite to be readjusted to normal levels
Thyroid glands produce correct amounts

Signs And Wonders Seen
Ulcers removed from stomach and colon cancer disappear

I believe in miracles. I don't let anyone talk me out of them for any reason. I'm believing for spinal cords to be restored.

I did pray for Mod's son to win the tournament and I wish he would have. I'm happy they're happy with #16.
I think prayers for healing are my strongest gift from the Holy Spirit.

Signs And Wonders Seen
People who've prayed over me tell me I have the gift of faith for miracles.

I stay away from those who tell me that miracles were for NT yesterday and not for today. I don't listen to anyone who tries to talk me out of them, I completely tune them out, including doubting Thomas relatives.

Signs And Wonders Seen
I am not ashamed of the Holy Spirit. I make no apologies for believing in miracles and having faith for moving any spiritual mountains standing in your way of a blessing or healing. I believe absolutely nothing is impossible for God.

God tells me who to pray for openly and/or with. I lay my hands on some, and some I pray for from afar. Faith links up with faith, like satellites sending you a signal.
God shows me those who really don't want a healing and I don't pray.

Signs And Wonders Seen
There are those who would have to give up disability benefits, the money is preferred over healing.
Go into all the world, preach the gospel..
these signs shall follow those who believe..lay hands on the sick they will recover.
This is not only limited to elders in the church but to those who believe - lay hands on the sick.

Signs And Wonders Seen
Unbelief hinders miracles, signs, wonders more than anything else.
I believe in Jesus the Healer. Healing is Jesus' business, all healing comes because of Jesus.
I won't argue with anyone about what Jesus the Healer can do. He can do anything.
If you try and talk me out of what Jesus can do, I won't even read it.

I Am Very Discouraged Right Now
OK Houston, I will.

I Am Very Discouraged Right Now
Houston, CN, is there someone there who needs a miracle? Houston, on my heart this morning.

Are People Healed In Hospitals
Mr. Cooper, you've been on my mind. I hope all is well.


Stop Praying For A Healing
God later used Joseph, to be a representative of Christ, as a Balm of Gilead.

He was the one the Lord would use to save not only the people of Egypt and the surrounding nations, but the very nation of Israel itself. Joseph would later testify to his brothers, But as for you, ye thought evil against me, but God meant it unto good, to bring to pass, as it is this day, to save much people alive (Genesis 50:20).

Stop Praying For A Healing
Today, there is a Balm of Gilead.

The cure is near.

Do we need the balm of Gilead in our life today? If we are sick, if we are spiritually blind... The remedy is in the hands of the great Physician of our souls. Seek the balm that we really need. Let us seek the Healer and receive healing!

Stop Praying For A Healing
There is a Balm of Gilead. He has the power to save us from death. He can bring hope to the hopeless and healing to that which is incurable.

Balm of Gilead is described as a honey-like aromatic resin with medicinal qualities.

Stop Praying For A Healing
Josephs brothers had murderous thoughts in their hearts. Ignored by his brothers, God heard Josephs cries for help. He sent a band of outsiders to rescue Joseph from certain death. For as the Balm passed by, Judah declared to his brothers that it would be better to sell Joseph into slavery than to kill him. Verses 26 & 27.

The first application of the Balm of Gilead.

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