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Old Testament Irrelevant
Intresting question. I feel the answer is in the beholders own perception, I mean look at fred phelps. Speaking of fred, The works of poet Walton S. Tissot came to mind as i read this question.Namely his poem 'Fred & the Family Phelps". A few others he did broaden the thought of such perceptions ect. "Lost in the Dregs", "An Ambient Perpetual La, La" or "Assumptive Miasmatical Dogmata" All great thought provoking stuff! - Anyway good luck with that.

Is Purgatory A Real Place
Know that there are many thing that can lead you astray. Knowledge is Grief. If you must understand then you continually question and test yourself. Don't Let Heaven or Hell hold you back from Serving The Christ by Example of actions.

Truly you will all Serve One, but may find True happiness by ONE

I Hate My Wife
In lieu of offering any advice ... I noticed that your writing style is identical to the "I Hate My Husband" post from 3/14/06. From the "complaints" you've made about your wife here, it seems unlikely that you're experiencing enough connection with her to be comfortable using the same catchphrases (ie, "There is no way out. No hope. No life."), let alone the same paragraph structure.

Do you simply enjoy all the attention you get as these honest folks try to give you sound advice? Or are you trolling up a heated discussion, just to gloat at the results? If either are true, your actions are plainly manipulative, and online marital advice doesn't even approach the kind of therapy you need.

World Made From Big Bang
How come people in south america don't fall off the earth since they are standing upside down?

Does The Devil Go To Church
I think the devil attends church regularly with the sole purpose of distracting us from hearing the good news. He can't be everywhere at the same time, but he has many helpers.

E. Coli Outbreak End-Time Sign
Regarding the suggestion by some of you to use bleach to clean vegetables, wouldn't this also kill the vitamins as well as the pesticides (that is if the pesticides haven't already killed the vitamins)?

E. Coli Outbreak End-Time Sign
What I understand about the terminator gene is that certain G.M. seeds which are being bought my the very poor nations have been modified so that the bought seeds can grow into plants but the seeds produced by those plants are incapable of reproducing. This means that no crop will come from these seeds so the poorest of the poor who keep seed for their next harvest cannot do so but must buy more seed. Immoral or what?

Woman At The Well
Apologies everyone who wonders what planet I've just come in from!! I wrote that when I was suffering the most dreadful migraine and should have been in bed instead of on the computer. I wasn't thinking straight and complely forgot about the one that 'was not her husband'. Mod and Donna, you are absolutely right. I stick by what I said about Mary Magdalene though.

Woman At The Well
Mike I have often wondered why many assume that this woman was a harlot. When harlots/prostitutes are mentioned in the bible there must be good reason why the words are put there. This woman is not referred to in this way, it is just assumption. In the same way many say that Mary Magdalene was a prostitute but that is not scriptural either. We are told not to add to the Word of God.

Joyce Meyer's Is A False Teacher
2. We sometimes do things to protect others - it's called caring and is not unlike a mother who puts blank electric plugs in sockets to prevent children pushing toys into them. We sometimes need to be one step ahead of a vulnerable person and burning a book might be the step we need to take - occasionally.

Joyce Meyer's Is A False Teacher
MikeM I have not noticed any 'churches' stating here that they burn books. A handful of individuals have said that they do but that is their concern if they do it privately and for good reason. Yesterday I tore out and destroyed a page from a newspaper because I knew that a member of my family would be harmed by reading the article.

Does The Devil Go To Church
I think the devil attends church regularly with the sole purpose of distracting us from hearing the good news. He can't be everywhere at the same time, but he has many helpers.

Spanking 15 Year Old Acceptable
I'm just amazed to read all about these teenagers being spanked and some even saying themselves that it is right. Perhaps American teenagers are different from U.K. ones but here I would think that any teenager having their underwear removed ready for being spanked would kick out at a parent and probably use violence to get away from the situation. Any social worker would pick up on this very quickly and take action. It is not normal, it is sick.

Persistent Or Vain Repetition Pray
MaryLouise, sorry I've taken so long to get back on this. I don't have access to a computer every day. Thank you for you reply but I'm wondering if you only ever say these set 'prayers' or do you also speak to God using your own words? I'm sure that God would just like you to converse with Him as you would to a friend.

My Church Having A Night Club
Just because a club is held at night does not make it a 'nightclub'. Before boycotting it or telling everyone that it is evil, or whatever, make sure you have your facts right. You say that you 'have a feeling it is not right' but I'd say you need a little bit more than just a feeling before criticizing. Of course, you might be absolutely right about it but do make sure you are or you risk saying or doing the wrong things.

Are Abortions Ever Right
saultopaul you say "if Mary knew she was pregnant she had to be AT LEAST 3 months pregant." Not so - the angel told Mary that she was pregnant. She did not have to wait to be told by a doctor or wait for any of the signs all other women have had to wait for. She knew because she believed what the angel told her.

Who Really Killed Goliath
Jack, from what I have read of Herb's beliefs, he has never and never will be interested in the words in italics which were not in the Hebrew or Greek. As far as he is concerned if they are in the KJV they are accurate. The fact that they were ADDED does not interest him.

New Voting System In Place
This new system is confusing, but in a different way from the original. I see peoples names now who with the old system never went down to a minus score but now have only a handful of votes, whilst those who previously had huge minus scores now have huge positives. Moderator, have you counted ALL votes as if they were positive, even though a the time they were given as a negative? Barbara the purpose escapes me also.

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