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Quoran Agree With The Bible
lari s. are you familiar with Twelve House? I've recently read similar positions from him, and I must say that I don't agree.

Catholic, Protestant Or Christian
Ed, I have to agree with Tiffany. The Catholic Church is full of idolatry. I also believe mpw even though I might not put it the way they did. I was a Catholic and when I was there, I too used to tell others that there was no idolatry there, but there is, Big Time. It's right there, and Catholics refuse to see it. Remember the Wizard of Oz movie where the guy says "Pay no attention to that man behind that curtain". The Idolatry is right there in front of them.

Christians Without Bibles
1 John 2:27 has nothing to do with not needing Bibles. I can't help you.

Christians Without Bibles
Yes, most definately, we need the bible with us. Faith comes by hearing, and when I read the bible, I hear what the spirit of God is saying to me. This is how it works. The reading of the word must be mixed with faith. Hebrews 4:7 says- "...Today if ye will hear his voice, harden not your hearts."

Who is Bishop Eddie Long?
Hating can be unfounded. It is simply that some people want what you drive, crave the respect you command. Eddie Long is a man who has availed himself to be used of God. We need to show more appreciation for men like these. I honour and respect these men and urge others to do likewise. The bible states to "touch not my annointed and do my phrophets no harm", don't let you vilication be an indictment against you in heaven's court. Don't criticize what you don't understand.

Why Opposition To Spanking Kids
I have been a private school principal for 30 years. Whenever parents enrolled, they had to agree that for certain offenses, their child would receive a spanking.
I probably had to spank one child a year. I would explain the offence, ask the child if he agreed with the offence, pray with him and then spank him. I would pray again.
I never remember a student rebelling against this form of discipline. Never done in anger.
Most times, the problem was corrected.

My Husband Is Failing School
Some Phychotherapists and police tend to over analyze people or situations. I know this because I used to work with these people. I'll be 60 this month and I learned through wisdom. This is somewhat common with people new to these fields. Get all the information first, and then analyze.

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