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Divorce A Drug Addict
I am always astonished by the harsh words of Christians when it comes to divorce.
God hates divorce. He doesn't hate the people who get divorced. Those who would accuse you of simply looking for a way out of your marriage have surely never walked a day in your shoes.
When it comes down to it, it's all between you and God. I am a Christian and I HAVE walked in your shoes. Pray and do what your heart tells you to do. May God bless you and keep you and may He forgive those who preach and judge when they have no idea what it is like to live with someone who would willingly risk your life and the lives of your children every day.

Southern BaptistsTongues
"wrong Holy Spirit feeling" What is that?

Are Sabbath Keepers Judaizers
I didn't know that Sabbath keeping was a requirement for the Gentiles for salvation prior to Moses? What is the scripture for that? I thought Sabbath keeping was a requirement from God through Moses to the Jews to set them apart from the pagan world that they lived in. I am a new Christian and am still learning, but I can't find that in my Bible.

Should I Confess My Affair
I have confessed my affair to my spouse, it ended many months ago now. Shuld i tell my lovers wife about the afair? Is there anything in the bible to advise on this? They have kids as well u c.

Who is Jessie Duplantis?
Oh Lord help me, but jealousy should not speak. Who is anyone to judge Jesse for what God blesses him with? You want to question God?? You are foolish.God judges man flesh should let God be God.Since when is humor a sin? Humor reaches people on a level that makes them want to be a christian.So if you want to attend church where you can hear a pin drop and you walk on egg shells fine,but leave Jesse alone,He loves God and makes no bones about it.Jesus performed miracles,each one different,but the people were still healed!So God calls different types of preachers to the ministry to get the Word out.Quit judgin! God bless Jesse for his humor!

Why Does God Test Us
I have gone through a test for awhile now.God wants us to know Hes not just God,but our Father.Parents love their babies and want the best for them.God test to make us better ,it builds faith and character.A message is an aged-mess.God is so good and so faithful.He has brought me through impossible times.He never ever fails.

Are Tattoos Wrong
I got a cross tattoo last year and I absolutely love it. I do not think that it is a sin, rather I see tattoos as a form of expression just like any other art form. Tattoos can be just as beautiful as skin. In fact, I am planning on my next tattoo in a week or two. I do not think you can pick and choose what bible verses to support and what not to so that it fits your personal beliefs. Tattoos are beautiful!

God Told Me Who To Marry
I too questioned if i got the sign right and i keep going over what i asked for and there was no doubt he gave me the go ahead but we still have problems and both of us have thought about getting divorced but neither of us can do it cos God put us together. get a pastor to help you with your problems.

I Am Dating A Married Man
You are lucky that he has no children.

Is Islam The AntiChrist's Religion
I doubt Islam is the religion of the AntiChrist. Worldliness is more likely.

What Does Purgatory Mean
Yes, I heard that about a week and a half ago. The Pope declared that Limbo does not esist, all of a sudden. I don't get it. Can anybody tell me what is going on?

Is Purgatory A Real Place
catherine, That's not what the Holy Spirit shows me. That's not scriptural. It's got Catholic written all over it. Read it again. You can put the sacred label on it all you want, but it does not line up with scripture. The book of Maccabees is not from God.

Banned Books Week
Poor wording on the pamphlet. However,many people use their Christian beliefs as their reasons for challenging a book. I am a Christian woman, but don't tell me what I can and cannot read. And yes..there is such a thing a a good Harry Potter book. It is the basic good vs. evil.. we can all relate.

Witnessing to a Jehovah Witness
Candice?? Are you the woman that used to post on the AOL message boards concerning Jehovahs Witnesses?

Baptism by Sprinkling Or Immersion
Hmmm Pierr, I think it's interesting that you say that. I guess that means that I am not baptized and am not going to heaven since I was "sprinkled". Who are you to judge who is going to heaven by the form of baptism they received?

Newest Humor Blog
Olie- I was wondering... What kind of grill do you have?

Newest Humor Blog
Wayne Newton! ooooooh. The next time I'm in Vegas, I'll have to look him up. One of those horses would just look so lovely in my back yard, next to my fountain. The fountain I acquired from Al Pacino. Shhhh

Newest Humor Blog
NVBarbara, What does Wayne Newton's house look like? I bet it's got a real high fence.
I climbed over Chevy Chase's wall once, ooh he was mad! All I wanted was one of his patio bricks. Some people get too serious over their stuff.

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