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Correct Pastor During The Sermon
I confronted my pastor after the sermon and church was over about something wrong that he said. I tried to do it as privately as I could. That's how Joseph did with Mary. Anyway, he said, "we can save ourselves, but..." It sounded as though he mentioned 2 ways to be saved. Jesus, of course, is the only way! I confronted him after church about it and he said that he meant something else, but he looked upset or disturbed by it. He seemed like he tried to discredit and minimize me right then and there--walking off, seemingly like I had no right to say what I said. I love my pastor, but I had to mention it! When I mentioned this, I also said to him that he probably didn't notice he actually said it. This did not enter into it with him.

Is Peter The Rock Or Church
On that subject, the Greek in Matt 16:19 (soi) only applies to the singular (meaning Peter alone), not even the other eleven disciples

Is Michael A Minor God
John: 'The JWs proclaim one Father God and one minor god, Michael.'

Are you sure about this, John? Is there any place I can go to find evidence of this (of course, I would only mean either a place where I can find either print material printed by the JWs or a web site put out BY the JWs)?

Pope To Marry
Jed: 'Any doctrine that is not based on Biblical scriptures is from Satan.'

So..... let's see Jed.....

Is math in the Bible..... I have not found it as a set of statements

So if I state that 'two and two is four' you will say that statement is 'from satan' - even though it is true

You are the first person to say that what is true comes from satan, Jed!!!!!

How To Explain Creationism
Harold: The tree fossils spanning many layers seem to be a good piece of evidence, but [as one who believes in a young earth) could suggest a different idea: The trees grew in the older soil, but after they died, they were knocked over and were eventually covered by newer soil.
Someone from either side can provide plenty of arguments to imply that his/her side is correct - the proper idea would be (if either side wanted it) to remove the 'belief' side (in evolution or God) and search the evidence without it. But neither side CAN

Are You Casting Out Devils
In the world today, people are looking each other instead of the real problem. Devils, demons, principalities of darkness is where the bible says our fight should be centered. People are under the influence of satan. The people of God are not standing up for God, I can go deeper...
In order to address anything you have to first look at God then satans invovlement. Today the voice of satan is running the world. Seek the power, call and cast out demons. BE BLESSED ITNOJ !!!!

No Salvation For Some
I beleive the word is 'reprobate', meaning 'already damned'. The notion is the source of much contention. In every religion that claims exclusivity of god's blessing/reward/salvation, there have arisen sects and beliefs around ideas of 'predestination' (the Calvinists, e.g.). Of course, this is unprovable (in this life), thus believers in predest. seek some 'outward sign' that they are blessed/saved (wealth, e.g.)

Stop A Word Of Knowledge
By 'words of knowledge' (of man, not god) do you mean like when Copernicus declared that "The earth moves around the sun!" ? When you try to make an absolute distinction between 'god knowledge' and 'man knowledge', you run into trouble (as if god's knowledge never comes through man!). Much human knowledge is of great value to human well-being--like medical knowledge. There are no 'how to perform CPR' instructions in the Bible, afterall.

Christians Burned The Quran
The Quo'ran/Koran is the Holy Book of Islam; the Moslem people. They worship the same god as Christians and Jews do--the god of Abraham. They recognize all biblical prophets as prophets of god--including Jesus.
A reader can easily "cherry pick" scriptures from the Koran that are "apalling"...but the same can be done with the Bible (Leviticus, etc). Here is a quote from sura 5 v. 8: "Allah loveth the kindly."

Help With Husband's Anger
Women should submit to their husbands. That's Biblical. If my wife can't have dinner on the table when I get home, have the house clean, and our son in bed, I have a problem with that. I work 18 hours/day as an engineer. The least my wife can do is let me come home to a clean house and a hot meal. I pay the bills and she keeps up the house. That's how it works for us. That's how I see submission.

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