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Listen To Husband Or God
I would sincerely like to thank all of you who have given me positive suggestions. I am now going to leave this thread and move on. It has been good to find out what others think and that others have had similar, if not identical, experiences. God bless all of you.

Listen To Husband Or God
Madison, no my son-in-law is not a pastot. The church cannot afford any paid staff. He has a full time job and works many hours for the church also, preaching being one of the things he does. He isn't lazy and I hope I havn't given that impression BUT I do think priorities get confused at times and now is the time they need to be sorted out. My daughter does not wish her children to be looked after by others, paid or not, but knows she has her hands full with family without doing other things as well.

Listen To Husband Or God
2. THE PROBLEM IS SELFISHNESS ON THE PART OF A MALE WHO THINKS MY DAUGHTER SHOULD BE LIKE SUPERWOMAN. Also Elder it seems that you still think I am the mother of these children. I wish I could say 'read my lips' but can't so read this please. THEY ARE MY GRANDCHILDREN. And before you ask why I'm not helping read my other responses.

Listen To Husband Or God
Elder I don't know how you have come to this wierd conclusion as I have said already that the father of these children is my son-in-law NOT MY STEP-SON. Son-in-law means husband of my daughter. Others understood that, how could you have thought anything else.

Listen To Husband Or God
Thanks Darlene. Under different circumstances I would be the one there helping and for free but disability and 350 miles make that not possible. What you say about teaching the selfish dad is correct but, sadly, there are those who will say a woman mustn't speak like that to a man. I do though!! I also think she should tell him to get his typing done by someone else. Is Elder on holiday? He said I should give more information then vanishes when I do.

Listen To Husband Or God
Elder I'll number the lines of your response 1,2,3,4, Here are my answers. 1. They are in church when well enough to go. 2. Typing, bible studies, entertaining members and more. 3. They are not neglected BECAUSE their mother does NOT do these things (except the typing), they would be if she DID though. 4. Their father is not my husband (no, not what you think) he's my son-in-law. But the answer is 'not much'. Extra info you didn't ask for. Children's ages 2, 2, 2, and 6.

Listen To Husband Or God
Elder, perhaps I should have typed the word 'more' in capital letters for emphasis. Where have I indicated that the children do not go to church? Please don't look for hidden messages in my question. It is a straightforward question looking for straightforward answers from those capable of answering or offering advice. Some have done so admirably and I thank them.

Women To Be Silent In Church
The word suffer used in the bible in 'I do not suffer women to.....' and 'suffer little children to come unto Me' means 'allow'. I do not allow women - or - allow the little children to come unto Me.

Sunday School Tips For Kids
Rebecca D I'm not sure if you mean sign language for the deaf or using songs with actions, but if the former, it's a great idea that children learn sign language from a very early age. I've attended a church with a group of deaf people who had a signer for the sermons. When she had to move away they were stuck. There is a real shortage of people able to sign for the deaf and it is harder to learn as you get older. Small children would soak it up like a sponge and enjoy it at the same time.

Why Can't A Man Find A Wife
Steve the reason that so many women are divorced (soiled goods in your eyes it seems) is because so many men have cheated on, beaten, ill-treated and abused and treated as servants, their wives; beaten the children they had...need I go on? Before you say it, yes sometimes it's the other way around but the way you word your question seems to place the stigma of divorce squarely on the woman. For every divorced woman there is a divorced man who, in the eyes of some women might also be soiled goods.

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