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No Fault Divorce Biblical
Amen, Amy. To force the unbeliever to continue to live with you would destroy any peace in your home. Far better to let him go, and trust in God.

Daughter Going Unconscious
I agree with Eliza, the tests need to be done now!! A child who looses consciuosness is seriously ill.
Father, I raise up this child before you, and I ask that you place your hand upon her and heal whatever is causing her to go unconscious. Father, You raised the daughter of Jarius, Please hear the prayers of your children as we plead for this child,
in Jesus name.

24 Hours Left To Live
I wouldn't bother with the spinach, anyway!
I don't really know what I would do. I know what I hope I would do, but reality can be a far cry from the imagination.
The most important thing, tell my family that I love them all, and that God loves them too.

Anti-Christ Attacks Spinach Supply
Oh dear, I think you have all been into the spinach, and it is making you all paranoid and to hallucinate. hahahaha
Now, I am going to turn green, and slink off into my spinach patch, go to sleep and dream of Popeye. Love to you all, thanks for the laughs. Who says Christians don't have a sense of humour?

This Is The Whining Blog
You guys may have had letters from young winsome female from Nigeria or Liberia or where-ever. I get them from young men, who all want to be my best buddy, and seriously discuss the state of my spiritual health. They seem to come from similar countries as the young women. I just delete them. I am far too old for devious young men.

This Is The Whining Blog
Alan, I agree with Mrs Morgan, you do look nice, But I am happily married and live half a world away, anyway.
My whine is I couldn't go in to work today. I have had a chest infection, and I feel as if someone kicked me in the ribs. Getting better, though. And of course, I will heal. Many will not.
Hubby off fishing, otherwise he gets under my feet. And It is a beautiful God given Spring day where I live.

Life Style Evangelism Only
Jesus did this very nicely. During His travels, He showed by his actions His witness. He fed the hungry, He healed the sick, He cast out the demons, no doubt He also clothed those without enough to wear. His witness went further. He preached the Good News of His Father in ways those listening could understand. We must do likewise.

Life Style Evangelism Only
I do believe that witnessing is a mix of both styles. A lifestyle, based on the word of God in the gospels and the messages of Paul,will proclaim your righteousness,(the example). We are also constrained to tell about the Good News of Jesus. How can people know, if they are not told.

Can The Pope Have A Girlfriend
It strikes me that the subject in this blog is tantamount to gossip. Any answers I have seen are neither helpful nor spiritually enlightening.
There are at least 6 verses in Proverbs warning against gossip and in 2Corinthians 12:20 Paul includes gossip in a list of sins a Christian should never indulge in. Shame on you.

Is The Anti-Christ A Teenager
No-one knows when the anti-christ will make himself known, so I think it is futile to speculate on whether he is now a teenager or not. You are far better to spend your time worshipping the Lord,in prayer, in scripture, in your relationships with your fellow citizens. Vain imaginings are a waste of the precious time that god has given us.

Are Women The Weaker Being
Physically, women may be the weaker being. That is why man was charged with her protection. Mentally and spiritually, no. Our wonderful Creator has given us a good brain, so use it.
I have no problem with being in submission, but that does not mean being a doormat for an abusive male to wipe his feet on. To me it means being able to act in harmony with your partner, according to the Word of God.

Countries To Apologise For Slavery
Alan of UK, Just as a small aside to the greater debate, did you realise that the Maori of New Zealand demanded, and got, an apology from the Queen for the confiscation of "their" lands. I thought that was rather sad, really.

Countries To Apologise For Slavery
Cont...and apologies for injustices in the past. While the Maori people were never enslaved, they were certainly used as cheap labour, and not really encouraged to better themselves, and today a large portion of this race are underpriviledged. They are an intelligent people, only needing encouragement to educate and this is now happening. I personally did not harm them, neither did my ancestors, but we have certainly benefitted.

Countries To Apologise For Slavery
Allan8869 of UK, I don't think anyone is asking you to apologise for slavery. Maybe you know a bit about the history of New Zealand? This country was settled by the British from the late 1700s, initially by church based groups and missionaries, then wholesale settlement happened. First, the Maori were paid by blankets, muskets and trinkets for their land, eventually, war came, and most of the land finished in the hands of the immigrants. Today, Maori are demanding compensation for lands lost

Is Israeli Response Excessive
Israel is surrounded by nations that have vowed to destroy her, right from the time, in 1946, that her nationhood was declared. And, least we forget, many of the nations leaders were children during the Holocaust, and in the concentration camps. They are not really even a generation from that horror. They vowed, "Never again". Not an excuse for excess, but something to ponder.

What Happens At Near Death
Bruce, 1 liter equals 2 pints.
Most adult males have between 5-6 liters of blood in their cardiovascular system, and women have about 4-5 liters. This is dependant on body weight. So, the average adult male would have 10-12 pints of blood in the system, women 8-10 pints. Hope this is helpful.

How Do You Stay Healthy
Don't eat this, don't eat that. We may all starve. A proper balance of protein, carbohydrates, the right fats, gives us the minerals and vitamins our bodies need. Do some research of your own, but be careful of fad diets.
By the way, Eric, men should be wary of eating too much soy and tofu products. It contains estrogen, which is harmful to men.

No Fault Divorce Biblical
Amen, Amy. To force the unbeliever to continue to live with you would destroy any peace in your home. Far better to let him go, and trust in God.

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