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I Need A Christian Friend
Hello Nancy, I love to talk about the Lord, He is my all, especually when im lonely, and down. right now im being evicted out of my house, because the homeowner forclosed on the house. in 4 daysIm homeless. we have a Job and 3 storage units. Everyware I look their is no decient place to rentin Marion IN. Its sounds horrible, but sincerly. I know that I know the Lord is true and faithful. He has always provided the best for me. at the last momment. I talk to Him when I get up, and through out the day, and when I go to bed. He is my best friend, love of my life and my Holy Father. In whom I so dearly am greatful for. He is with you my friend, and He does answer, we just have to listen intently. And stop and be still. with Love

My Man Is Balding And Fat
What I cant beleive this I pull the site up thinking I was going to be uplifted and this is what I read. Maybe you should talk to God about the way he made his Son. Or maybe you should pray for revelation on what love means.

Do Unborn Babies Go To Hell
How can anyone say a fetus does not have a soul? How many times did God acknowledge a baby or babies that would be born(and even gave them names)? And how about Mary, the same day she became pregnant, she rushed over to her cousin Elizabeth's and John the Baptist leaped in his mother's womb---because he knew the LORD JESUS CHRIST was there. And yes, all souls(and the spirit of them) go immediately to the FATHER. Guess what? Every mother that aborted will recognize that child one day.

Ex-Husband Wants Me Back
Please Please do not do this. You are divorced for a reason. Chances are he left you high and dry holding the bag of bad credit. He is with this woman because of financial reasons, he probably has used all of her resources and now he is ready to move on. There is a word for this and it is a narcissist google it. Trust me I actually did this and am painfully and financially regretting it. Save yourself the hassle and move far far away from this situation. He is looking to use you AGAIN!

Alcohol Rehab Treatments
Your friend can be a Christian and be suffering from alcoholism, just as we can suffer from any illness but remember Jesus can heal and taking action helps. Prayer is the number one tool. Another suggestion for you is to simple talk with your friend in love about their drinking. Sometimes they will lie but expressing your concerns can help breakdown denial. Also you can research treatment options available and offer them as suggesstions to your friend. If the persons alcoholism is serious they will probably need professional help for detox. You can go to Remember most people suffering from alcoholism need the Lord and a program. Teen Challenge or Celebrate Recovery are just two options. My prayers are with you.

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