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Can The Internet Provide A Man
Well then, here goes, I am a widow of 8 yrs. and I would like to meet a strong Christian man that would like to serve the Lord by my side. I live in Phx. Az. and also in NM when the heat turns up here. Email me and in the meantime, I will be praying for the Lord to find you for me via the net. LOL Mariana

No Happiness Without A Man
Hope this brings u some comfort, everything everyone else has shared is true, the one thing nobody mentioned is that the Lord does not want u to be alone if He knows that u were made to be married. He will bring that man if u wait, focused meanwhile on the Lord, thank Him every day for your mate, and pray for that man, that wherever he is he is doing fine and that he is blessed and looking for you. M

Help To Lose 120 Pounds
my sis had a tummy tuck and continued to eat the way she did before and now looks the same. Ask God for help and follow the advice of the others in eating small portions of good food for you all day long. God help you and bless you.

Wonder If I Will Ever Get Married
I am a widow of almost 8 years, my husband was also a Christian. I am finally ready to meet a Godly man and I will take no other than a man brought to me by the Lord. How will I know? I have asked the Lord for this particular man, so I know that when he comes, I will know and the Lord will be the one to bring him to me.

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