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Falsehood About Being Santa
I had all of those fictional characters in my life as a child, as did my children. It never entered my mind not to believe my parents later because of that. I had a spectacular childhood & had faith in God at a young age.

One World Church Coming
Rhonda, there are several beliefs that we Baptists have that differ from the Catholic beliefs. Examples: we do not pray to Mary, we do not need to confess sins to a priest, we go to God directly in prayer, we do not believe in purgatory, or believe that we can pray a person into Heaven. These are a few of the differences.

Son Just Committed Suicide
Cyndi, I am so very sorry. I lost my sweet 10 year old grandson 3 years ago. These books helped me IMMENSELY: "Heaven" by Randy Alcorn, and "The Shack" (sorry--can't recall author right now). Also, I found a group of The Compassionate Friends. This group is a God-send. Everyone who attends has lost a child, grandchild or sibling.
God bless you, and I will pray for comfort for you and your family. Marilyn

Husband Died At Work
Rosalind, I am so very sorry. Cluny's words impressed me: God is with you in your grief, and through it.

Would You Date A Blind Man
I am going to date a blind man and it doesn't even phase me. we met over the dating site. when he told me he was blind after a couple of great conversations it did not even phase me, to my surprise. we are meeting tomorrow nite at my place for diner. Now I have all kinds of questions about what to serve, what do we do for entertaining the rest of the evening other than talking and listening to music. any suggestions. Would love also to talk with you. With love & light Marilyn

I Am Furious With Him
I can understand being upset, but I think you're going too far. 1) he told you (many would not) 2) they TALKED for 2 hours--are you not allowed to talk to someone from your past if you meet up with them? 3) do you feel he would be unfaithful? If yes, you need to face that & talk to him.

I Suddenly Lost My Son
I lost my sweet 10 yr. old grandson, Jimmy, almost 3 years ago. The only answer I have is that you don't ever get over the grief. It will get easier to live with in time. But the love lives on forever. Try to find a group of The Compassionate Friends. I go monthly & the support is wonderful. And every day, I ask God to please give Jimmy a hug from Grandma. I can't hug him, but there's nothing that God can't do. I pray for your comfort.

Son Killed By Motorists
Robyn, I am so very sorry for you & your family. We lost our precious grandson, Jimmy, a little over 2 years ago, after heart surgery, at 10 yrs. old. I have come a long way, but it will never be "easy." As for wanting to hold him, to hug him--I ask God every day in my prayers to please give him a big hug from his Grandma. And I believe He does. Please know that I will be praying for your comfort.

Student Loans Remove Curses
A curse is anything that is repeated repetively through the years. In the Bible it speaks about being lazy. A college degree doesn't always mean success but finding the place where God wants you to be and doing your best to fullfill that purpose is going to bring you more success. God wants us to all succeed in life as we are His children. He wants us to have His very best in everything. If we do things with a good heart and seek wisdom from the Holy Spirit we will succeed. It's doesn't matter where we came from as long as we set goals to be an achiever in life. We are what we think so we need to think high goals and God will give us the desires of our heart.

Is Instant Credit Repair Legal
There isn't anything wrong in getting your credit back in order. Just learn from the mistake you made and not redo it. Put your trust and faith in God to supply all of your needs according to his riches in Glory. The "key" is needs not wants. He wants us to have the desires of our hearts but sometimes we are given little first to see how well we will manage what is given to us. As we show that we are trustworthy and are going to be good stewards with what we have we will be given more. We are His children and He wants us to have the very best. He will provide the means as He sees the need.

Is Cremation In The Bible
I have married into a Seventh Day Adventist family altho I do not practice that religion & neither does my husband. We both want to be cremated which I saw nothing wrong with as my pastor cremated his young son that died of cancer. what the Adventist practice but Romans is what my church (Disciples of Christ Christian Church)practices as far as customs go. I pray about this & I feel comfortable that the Lord is going to allow this & not punish me for it.

Marriage Was A Mistake
Happiness comes from within so find out what is causing this in you. As you start loving yourself you will find it easier to love your husband especially if he is the way you say he is. Our happiness comes from the Lord not from other people.

Pastor Rod Parsley's Salary
I don't see a problem with a minister prospering. We are all part of the Kingdom of God and in the the King's kingdom he wants his people to do well.

Suffered From Depression
Yes I have. I was letting my situation pull me down instead of giving my situation over to the Lord. His word says to cast your cares on Him for He cares for you. That changed my life.

Raynaud's Disease Causing Pain
I just read on this problem and it says to keep the part that gets cold covered and to keep it warm. Run warm water over it. God increase her circulation right now in the name of Jesus and restore her health. Thanks for the healing.

What Is Your Biggest Fear
I used to have all kinds of fears until God showed me that He hasn't given me a spirit of fear. He has given me the spirit of power, love and a sound mind. He will supply all of my needs if I lose anything. Maria8765

Mega Church Pastor Salaries
Pastor_Steve: I think the Osteen Family was wealthy before his daddy died. The elder Osteen worked over 50 years to build the membership. It has increased since his death. As for Joel Osteen paying tithes. I would pay tithes,also. The monies are coming right back to him and his family. Why not pay tithes? He is getting his money back, basically. I have seen preachers give offerings back to a church, especially when they did not need it. The church could have been small and struggling.

Babies Go To Heaven Or Hell
they simply are buried and await their ressurection. in daniels prophecy "And many of those who sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, some to shame and everlasting contempt" (daniel 12:2). In explaining the condition of the dead, daniel compares death to sleep. How can people who have died be asleep in their graves and unconcious as revealed in the Bible yet be residing in heaven and looking down at our miseries on this earth or be in hell burning up

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