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James Robison Ski House
Its not the fact that he made millions off of writing books its the content of the books and how these preachers get rich off of the word of God. A simple question to ask yourself is if Jesus made millions of dollars off of selling book about Christianity would be go out and buy a mansion or use that money for orphans A preacher is like a disciple and when a man ask Jesus what he should do he said give all you money away and follow me . That pretty clear where God stands on wealthy people. Why would God want anyone to be wealthy when he speaks out on how evil money is. Its written in the word of God money the root of all evil why would he want his preachers to be rich . Just another of Satans deceptions

End Time Religions
We are only told it is a 'person' (which could mean a group as well) set against God.

My personal feeling is that Christianet has too many people trying to give specific terms to things in Revelation.

Revelation is the hardest book to understand - do not get too many ideas

Can A Divorced Woman Remarry
trinh4863's comment has, I PERSONALLY think, a slight error (if I take the Sermon on the Mount correctly)

According to the sermon on the Mount, her husband seems to 'responsible' for her her later sex, which causes her to become an adulteress.

However, as I see it, her ex is responsible.

Now one could argue that now, when a divorced woman need not remarry so she can eat (as was the case in the time of Christ) one could argue that trinh4863 could just stay unmarried. Perhaps that is better, but I can never be sure

Having God's Approval
Rita: There is one thing where one might question your requirements.....

Did Jesus wear trousers?

Allowed To Attend Church
You talk about living together (where I assume you knew there was something else romantic and physical going on, because if it was a male and a female sharing an apartment I think you were overdoing your judgement), but were you going as far in ALL moral judgement?

I have my doubts about that

What if a married couple was gambling, or if they had a dangerous factory in Mexico. Would you not let them in the church then?

Clean UnClean Ark Animals
Warwick, I know you will not belief the passages in (Psa. 104 ) are about the foundation of the world. That's ok. You disregarded the perspective of the author in Genesis 6-9) The authors of Scripture sometimes wrote as if looking through the eyes of God (as spokemen for God) especially in moral matters, but in narative sections they frequently describe things the way they appear from a human perspective (as reporters speaking phenomenologically. To answer the question correctly about the flood a student of Scripture needs to find out the context whether the language in Gen. 6-9 was intended to be understood from God's Perspective, or the authors perspective that could mean (all the animals that he could observe died."

What Is Church Of God
Actually, there are three denominations called Churches of God. Churches of God Findlay Ohio, which was started by John Winebrenner out of German Reform roots. Churches of God Anderson, Indiana which actually came out of the Findlay Ohio denomination. Then there is the Cleveland Tennessee Churches of God that is the pentecostal denomination that you are thinking.

Praying For A Good Wife
i feel very much the same way you do, hang in there. i myself was married at one time before she cheated on me, and i was a very good, loving and caring husband that was very much committed to her before this happened to me. i am 58 years old, so you can just imagine how i feel. we have to be strong, and think very positive too. sooner or later the right woman will come along for both of us. Peace, and good luck too.

What Is The Lake Of Fire
Regardless of what we think it is or where we think it thing is clear, its a place of agony and torment

Can Good Christian Live In Adultry
I absolutely cannot believe some of the responses on this blog about going to hell over committing a sexual sin! God's acceptance of us is NOT based on our performance at all. If we accept Him as Lord and Savior we ARE sealed until the day of redemption. Salvation is not based on works! Any statement to the contrary is from someone who doesn't understand God's Word or His infinite love for us. Can my son or daughter EVER cease to be my children - of course not! Neither can we EVER cease to be His children. Are there consequences and discipline for sin - you bet there are.

What Was Finished On Cross
I'm not sure what francis is trying to say here. What was finished at the cross was the payment for all mankind's sin, past, present and future. Choose to accept His payment and gift of salvation and you are born again.

Was 9/11 An Inside Job
I agree totally with TheSeg. Steel reinforced buildings do not fall like this because of just fire. Take a look at demolition videos and compare to building 7 - identical. Not sure who gained or who caused it but these buildings did NOT fall because of two planes.

I Love A Catholic Guy
Eloy: 'idolaters and Christians should not be yoking together'

And where, Eloy, do you get the idea of Catholic=idolator?

Please explain, either scripturally (actualy words, not inferences = you can infer anything from any verse) or with clear, proper logic

Million Year Species Development
Warwick: 'Where do you imagine sedimentary rock came from?'

I'm afraid I have no idea!

Reading back over my comment, I see I owe you an apology, it was late night and I was too abrupt.

It seems reasonable that death came after sin, but I have a problem with that. In Gen 3:22 'of the tree of life, and live forever'. I find that confusing. If prior to Adam's sin man was to live forever, why should God even place a tree of life if man had life eternal?

Perhaps you could help me with that?

Million Year Species Development
Warwick: 'God's word spends 3 chapters telling us how the sedimantary rock layers containing the remains of billions of creatures, including man, were deposited.'

While I accept the new earth idea, I am disappointed by this comment. The Bible does not say that. It shows how it is possible for SEDIMENT, not necessarily sedimentary rock, could have been laid down quickly.


Your view (that sediment equals sedimentary rock) is no better than the Catholic "PROOF" that the sun rotates around the earth (Galileo)

If we post stuff like this, the world will become atheist as the atheists will explain reality better

Tea Party Party Biblical
Jed: While I disagree with abortion, your comment about Obama has one big problem. The highest authority in this country (NOT THE PRESIDENT) decided that abortion is NOT a violation of the right to life. I don't know WHY it decided that, but it did

In case you don't know, the highest authority in this country is the Supreme Court

Debt Crisis God's Judgment
In this last crisis it is strange to see those who are God's servants (or who use God's name more) insisting we should not fix the debt problem

It is so simple - if you don't have any money there is NO WAY you can pay off debt

But our Christian politicians insist they can pay off debt without first GETTING THE MONEY

GOD did give us brains - why don't they use the brains GOD GAVE THEM

Addicted To Pain Pills
I was addicted to pain pills for 2 years, averaged around 10 perks a day. I am not a doctor, I took some street advice. I was able to find a drug called soboxin. I used 4th's of the pill. Broke it into quaters. I took a piece of this drug for 6 days. I took xanax 1.0 mg plus two sleeping pills at night. I quit with no withdrawels whatsoever. Was easy as pie. Finding the soboxin will be the biggest task here. I got lucky THANK GOD!!!! I quit cigs over two years ago. Nicotine holds nothing to pain pill addiction!!!!! Hope this helps someone. I am not a doctor.

Halloween And Jack O Lantern
John: Indeed there is no disagreement as to when Jesus was NOT born..... as to the real date of birth, there are about as many suggested days as there are days in the year! But the most common range from late summer to early winter - we DON'T have any evidence as to when, just guesses.

DON'T make definite claims that are made only by very fuzzy guesses as to how to interpret the Bible

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