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God Tells Women Her Husband
I think with God all things are possible. Now most of us really don't know what love is and we base love on our feelings. To be honest people will swear they love you today and then tomorrow they hurt you like that. Just like us and the Lord, we don't start off loving him, but the more he pursues us, the more time he spends with us, the more we know him and open up to him. that's when we BEGIN to fall in love with him. Alot of times we call infatuation love when it's not.

Do You Like The Church You Attend
I don't think the problem is finding a perfect church. It's all about the foundation of the church, what are the leaders like because as shepherds they will be accountable for the flocks. Now it's sad that we have all these carnal people in church who don't love the Lord or each other and that's where the problem is. We CAN have a perfect church but not many will give over their will to the Lord. 2 those who are seriously labouring, your labour will not be in vain in the Lord.

American Churches Ears Tickled
I agree but also disagree. I agree that many, not all, desire the tickle ear doctrine but then again it was prophesied and we know the word will not return void. As far as to say it's American churches, I don't believe that. I live in Canada and it's the same here, I've been to Jamaica on mission trips cuz I'm from there and it's the same. talk to people all over the world and it's the same everywhere, it's just more prominent in America. check Ro 9:28, 1 Tim 4:1.

How To Cool Off Desires
2. We can overcome but it's all a matter of how bad we want to be free. There's no sin God cant deliver us from but to be honest a lot of times we say we want to be free but we don't mean it. We see someone in something inappropriate and the Spirit will say turn your head and instead of turning we continue to stare. Most importantly ask God to fill you with his Spirit cuz we cant do it in our flesh.

How To Cool Off Desires
Hi Jim, I know what your going through. For years I was consume by lust. The fact that I slept around a lot before I got saved didn't help either. For years I taught I was free, only to be attacked especially at nights in my dreams. The Lord told me to guard your mind. WATCH WHAT YOU FEED YOUR SPIRIT. I don't watch certain tv shows, listen to certain music or even secular music videos. The bible says shun the very appearance of evil.

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