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Why Do People Reject Jesus
People like doing sinful things. They reject Jesus because God convicts them of thier sin. Jesus said that He is the light but men love the darkness because there deeds are evil. The people that worked to kill jesus actually believed that He wasn't God in the flesh. They had such a religious belief system that when the Messiah showed up they didn't recognize Him!

God Does Not Speak To Me
God does speak to us when we pray, but we have to listen for His answer, not just the one we want to hear. Sometimes bad things do happen. I myself got struck by lightning and was dead for an hour before I was revived. That event turned my life upside down. But many individuals have been saved as a result of my testimony, especially since I have no brain damage, and all of my 3rd degree burns healed 100% without any treatment in a matter of 3 days. I did not believe in God until that happened. Now I have no doubt about Him. What happened to me was terrible, but I thank God for using me to further His Kingdom, and He has kept His promise for me doing His will.

More Taxes For The Rich
The haves typically do not give representatively according to their wealth.

If the poor are to get a hand up that's gonna come from the haves not the have nots.

Homelessness is not an acceptable fall back position. Why is there homelessness in America?

Why? Never mind slavery now people can't mention it without gasping - as they should, but people just ignore homelessness. Or at least as a country it is acceptable.

Are Hindus In Heaven
I don't know personally. They are under God's providence.

Scripture tells me that the Assyrians repented and he spared them. And for this reason they were not destroyed. Maybe they become Jews or Christians - for obvious reasons I do not believe that they did. I also do not be believe that they went to hell.

What I do know about heaven is that God is in charge of who gets there.

What If Big Bang Is True
StrongAxe you said "Science does not makes an enemy of religion, but rather the other way around (believers who feel threatened by the possibility of rational explanations)."

I agree that conflicting worldviews between Atheists and Christians tends to cause conflict. Sadly often Christians respond in a world manner.

However it is a two edged sword for Atheists certainly get angry and self-righteous at the suggestion that there is a God and the consequences that flow from that.

I pray that the all would deal with the conflict in a Godly manner.

Acne Scars Causing Depression
Sister Sarah I am sorry that you have had to suffer the spiritual scars of the world. Please remember that you are beautifully created in the image of God. God loves us more than we can know. Physical attraction is cultural - but culture still hurts and the spiritual scars it leaves are all too real. If getting it treated would help you then bless you Sister and may God walk with you.

What If Big Bang Is True
2: I do know that God spoke the world into creation. I do not know if God has an actual hand or a metaphorical hand and similarly a metaphorical mouth... But he did it and the vapour in front of me now that I cannot even see just the incomprehensible nature of it just amazes me and this being something that we barely even notice.

Maybe the 'process' that God used resembles what we call the 'Big Bang'. Maybe, maybe not. I don't know because I don't know how God did it but I know that He did do it.

Why Are Christians Mocked
Christians are mocked. God told us about it.

Hopefully it is because we are being light to world.

Condemning Christians
Is there a clear cut set of rules to follow when correcting people?

Wasn't this the Pharisees problem honoring the rules and not God. I think there is a clear cut rule but it is not one that we can list to others or tick the boxes on. Frequently I wish it were that easy arh but such is my battle with the carnal nature.

Surrender to God and let Him guide you. You will know people by their fruits. BOTH those in need of correction and those giving it.

Economy Is In A Recession
Amen Brother Timothy! Preach it brother!

Why Don't Christians Witness
Christians witness 24/7 - whether you like it or not.

We are evangelizing to people all the time. People see our witness when we are gracious - or not.

We are evangelizing to people all the time. People see our witness when we are have a joyous spirit - or not.

We are evangelizing to people all the time. If asked for the reason for your hope be prepared to give an answer at all times.

One World Church Movement
Frances if the RCC is demonic then so is the Bible. When scripture was canonised it was done so by the RRC. At the reformation 7 books from the old testament were dropped.

The RRC would have been in a better position to determine which books should be included in the Bible.

Can A Democrat Be A Christian
The only common definition of justice is that one gets their due (whether it be good or bad). What their due it is well people will debate that.

This equates to an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.

The Bible teaches that we should love our enemies not because they deserve it - quite the opposite, but because we have been love, mercy and grace and are to share freely that which we have been given.

Can A Democrat Be A Christian
In regards to punishment this is a sad issue. Like all things love, mercy and grace should be applied as well as accountability.

This is a good question atheist. Ultimately all of us they will have to face our maker.

As demonstrated unless you have a meta-physics that allows it. Death for death is the status quo of the world, love mercy and grace is the standard that the Christian is to deliver.

Examine the system that is in place in Ireland. It works.

Will A Degree Help My Career
First, take it to Jesus in prayer and ask Him for guidance/wisdom. A degree will definitely give you an advantage to get in the door. Before you decide what to study, you shuld look at your skills and what you like to do. I see you like computers and games. There is a lack of game professionals who can develop Christian Games that teaches Bible principles and is fun to play. One program I recommend to study 3DS Max if you are ever interested in this field. There are a sort of other programs as well. An advantage of this career, you may be able to work from home and submit your work online. This of course depends on the company.May God Bless you always in your decision and May His Kingdom be glorified for what God has in stored for you.Martin

Left Husband So Now What
I sympathize with you, my sister. But you need to appreciate that God hates divorce and therefore, you shouldnt consider it especially that it doesn't involve infidelity (Malachi 2:16, Mat. 19:9, I Cor. 7:10-16). Praying about your situation would be helpful so would be talking to a mature Christian couple or Church leader. Hearty, frank discussion with your husband may just the key from God. Above all, pray for patience & wisdom.

Bible With Evolution Is False
If you believe in the biblical account of sin and that sin began with Adam and that his sin brought about DEATH...then how could countless creatures haved DIED for billions of years prior to Adam?

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