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Does God Love The Disabled
I have worked extensively with people who have disabilities. Sometimes I think that they are more God-like than those of us who are non-disabiled. God loves all of us. It hurts me to think that God's love would ever be questioned in a Christian context.

Christmas Parties In Schools
I know of several Muslim and Hindu families who send their children to Christian schools because of the moral values being taught, as opposed to secular schools which have none. My mother was a teacher and she wasn't allowed to teach anything Christian; however, she read her students' storybooks out loud and, outside of class, encouraged the Christian parents to send Christian storybooks. Thus she was able to read Christmas and Easter stories.

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My mom is so special because she taught me to respect those in authority. She taught me about The Lord. She did not always say yes when I wanted to do something. I may have
rebelled but she taught me balance. To grow up you have to know you cannot always have your own way. She is in heaven now, face to face with Jesus our Lord.

Is Narcissism A Demon
My ex-brother-in-law was an abuser. Everyone pitied him and said it was because he had low self-esteem so my Dad paid for a Psychiatrist for him. After diagnosis, brother-in-law bragged that he actually had extremely high self-esteem (confirmed by psychiatrist). He maintained that he is so smart he will argue his way into heaven and God will have to let him in! Definitely not a medical deficiency but he either needs serious repentence or deliverance from a spirit.

Found Tomb Of Jesus
My understanding of the ossuaries is that they have been around for a while but reputable archeologists claimed they were of the times but not Christ's due to a number of factors. The so-called "discovery" was of something already studied and classified which a movie producer has now chosen to re-classify! (Since when did movie producers become reputable archeologists?)

Do Biblical Churches Exist
1. I assume, Dave, that you then, do not work for "filthy lucre" either? How do you feed and clothe your family? Your attitude is the same one that my Dad endured for decades as a minister.

Do Biblical Churches Exist
2. While parishioners went on fancy holidays, we never experienced one. All our clothing came from boxes of outgrown old things that no one else wanted. Mom planted a garden and canned, otherwise we wouldn't have eaten. One tiny steak, when we were so blessed, fed a family of four.

Do Biblical Churches Exist
3. Dad worked odd jobs that he could fit in around 2 services on Sunday, 2 mid-week services, 1 or 2 nursing home services, Boy's Club, visitation, counselling, Bible study, sermon preparation, hours of prayer for the church and the unsaved, soul-winning, church paperwork, community events, and ceaseless parishioner calls at suppertime (they knew he would be home).

Do Biblical Churches Exist
4. Do you do that much for the Lord while working a full-time job? Perhaps only pastors work for "filthy lucre" while parishioners work for "wages" and that's why they deserve the holidays and new clothes, but not their Pastors?

Degree Needed To Preach
As I far as I know, anyone can "preach" without a licence. A licence may be required by a denomination to pastor a congregation. In Canada, anyway, a licence is required to perform marriages. Some pastors do not have licences but would require aid of another who is licenced to perform marriages.

Is Menopause A Cause
A Curse? Are you kidding? I'd call it a blessing! No more hassle trying to schedule holidays; skiing, hiking, back-counrty camping, mountain biking, etc., etc. without hassles; less purse luggage; no worries about what to wear; "fat" (bloated) days gone forever; no more doubled over in pain; no more worry about where the closest washroom is.....It's bliss!!

Meaning of Names
I named my daughter Amaryllis. It's different (and beautiful) but not weird. Homer uses the name for a shepherdess. It's means bright and sparkling like a brook and is used to describe a fresh country girl. Of course, there is also the flower by that name. Until she was about 5, she called herself Riddith, which had to be translated for anyone who asked her for her name!

Seen Legs Grow Out
1. Had this popular evangelist come to our small town. Made my dad, a pastor, sit on the stage with him. He tried the short leg thing but couldn't find a straight chair! All the chairs he tried gave people the same length leg before he prayed so the chairs were all crooked! He had his tape recorder and would turn it off and on as he prompted people to yell Praise the Lord.

Seen Legs Grow Out
2. He also had a photographer who was supposed to take pictures as he told people to raise their hands and then had everyone there come to the front for salvation, even those already saved. There was one miracle that night! My dad prayed that the camera would not work, and it didn't! It suddenly started working when the service was over!

Thoughts About Dating Sites
1. CAUTION! I know people who have met, dumped & remarried 3 or 4 times thru' internet because they just can't find the right one! (New mates are never told their mating history!) I know people who rushed into marriage because of ease of internet dating but didn't truly know the person and deeply regret it. I have experienced the fit man who turned out to be 70 lbs. overweight, to say nothing of the other lies!

Thoughts About Dating Sites
2. I have been one of the victims of the guy who is still searching the sites for something better while claiming to love me. I know people who have met & are happily married. So I say caution is the best approach! I am now dating seriously a man I met on a site. He was a local guy - horror stories led me to decide to only meet local men. Our first meeting was not a date but at a Christian singles function, as was our second.

Thoughts About Dating Sites
3. Then we had normal dates and got to know each other in a normal manner - to me this is important. Internet chatting, although fun, is not real life and meeting a few times long distance before marriage (as my sister did) is not real life. Use wisdom and don't fall for anything until you know it for sure. Time is important - don't rush! Internet skews real life so get the real life version before you make any life-changing choices.

Witnesses Don't Believe Trinity
Try asking about their beliefs. Then talk in their language. I found this to be helpful for me. I also read some of their newspapers which helped me to talk with them. But, Remember also, All roads lead to God, and "Live and let Live" In other words it is ok to agree to disagree.

Debt Elimination Ideas
I am debt free because I begin very early. Early begins with the after Christmas sales, then all yar long I purchase through sales. I had had a huge debt and went through a Vredit card counseling agency which got my interest rates lowered and I made payments to them for four years. I no longer believe in credit cards because it is too easy to run them up.

Are There Any Christians Left
I have a code of ethics and principles I now live by on this Spiritual Journey.I was taught new design for living and I must walk my talk as i may be the only Bible some persons may read. One extremely important principle is - I do not judge others-"It's not my job, man" however, I do my own inventories & stay on my own side of the street.

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