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Can Women Be Leaders
*Paul said theres suppose to be ORDER.

So if 2 people apply for the pastors position, say a semi-illiterate man who has a track record of failure and a woman that has been outstandingly successful, do we need to pick the man over the woman? Or do we simply do without a pastor?

Can I Remarry My Husband
Having read these posts brings to mind the observation that there are too many wives that use the threat of divorce to manipulate their husbands.

And they often end up losing their husbands to other women as well as depriving their children of a father.

Sabbath Keepers Moses Law
Toby - {Also when Yahushua came he kept the Sabbath day. Ergo so should we IF we follow him and not "mans' interpertations}

So you reject the decisions of the Jerusalem council and like Jesus have your male offspring circumcised. I guess that is ok, if you still wish to live under the law rather than by the grace given to us in Christ Jesus.

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