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Damned For Just One Sin
No wonder the world is against Christianity! Hundreds of religions. Each one believes the others are going to hell, if they don't talk like them, dress like them, act like them, and think like them. They are so busy sending each other to hell. Pentecostal religions are the worse! My UPC daughter thinks I'm going to hell because I wear my wedding ring, and her UPC uncle thinks she's going to hell because she has a TV and computer. You should all be ashamed of yourselves!!!! GROW UP!!!!

Teaching Evolution In School
Evolution and Intelligent Design are one of the same. We are all children of the Earth. How can anyone look at other creature's bodies and and not see what we all have in common. The Bible says we were created from the dust of the Earth, and this is exactly what Darwin said. The only argument is, HOW? Hands appearing out of nowhere, making a mud man, and breathing life in it? Right.

My Husband Hits Me
Anger is not an excuse for violence. There can only be one answer to your question. Leave. Although retired now, after 40 years of professional counseling as a psychologist, I feel qualified to say this.

You may want to define what love really is. I had a sign in my office that said over and over: Love is not abuse is not love is not abuse is not love, etc.! See if you can find anyone with common sense, who will disagree with that.

Should Christians Smoke
You aren't saying smoking is sin, but rebellion is. If one smokes, he's living in rebellion??? Who made you God? You need to love your neighbor as your yourself. No! I take that back. Learn to love yourself first, then you can love your neighbor properly, and quit condeming people to hell who don't think like you do! It's not what goes into your mouth that defiles a man, but that which come out defiles a man. Now I wonder Who said that?

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