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Mormonism vs Christianity
Its nice to hear truth! I spent half my life away from the mormon church. I have been to almost every Christian church imaginable. I have had awesome protestent friends that have help me and tried to convince me that mormons were evil. Out of all the churches I have been too. Mostly Protestant. There is no other church that you can truly feast on the Gospel. That every question is answered w/ purity and perfect sence.

Mormonism vs Christianity
I have returned to the Mormons church and half recieved confirmation deep in my heart and soul. That this is the place to be. I have felt the Holy Spirit at other churches, but it is a shallow feeling, like it cant get deep into your soul. The Mormon church has the fullness of the everlasting gospel. Because of this. The oppurtunity to feel God's power to its fullness. I hope all of you prayerfully find what I have found. God Bless you all.

Mormonism vs Christianity
All of you are ignorant. Your so funny. Can you imagine what it would be like to hear terrorists(you) tell Americans(mormons) what we think or believe. It sounds the same. Your all full of it. Your beliefs are wrong. The built around what you want to believe. Its the easy wasy to life. Built the Gospel around what you want it to be. Mormon have high standards. Mormons are Christians.

Mormonism vs Christianity
Notice Mormons dont go around spending millions on trying to destroy other peoples faith. Truth overcomes all. Hence the reason for the blessings upon the Mormon Church. I know your all jealous. Get over it. Oh, and by the way the definition of a cult in the Websters dictionary is " a group or syestem of religous worship". YES were a cult-SO ARE YOU. And I live in Cali-were mostly republicans. Get a life. And a real education while your at it.

Mormonism vs Christianity
Suzie, Thanks for judging me. Your a former mormon huh. Im willing to bet there's very important info your leaving out. As for the fact that I lie. This is what Mormons believe about Jesus!!!!!

Mormonism vs Christianity
This is what mormons believe about Jesus. The Jesus we believe in is Jesus of Nazereth, Jesus Christ, The stem of Jesse, The son of David, Born of a virgin named Mary in Bethleham (3 wise men came to see him).

Mormonism vs Christianity
We also believe He always was God. In the Old Testement times we believe His name was Jehovah. We do not believe He is Heavenly Father(God the Father), but Jesus was the creator of Heaven and Earth. We believe He is the Saviour and Redeemer. We believe He is the Great mediator. No man or woman can make it to heaven except it were through Him.

Mormonism vs Christianity
He truly was the son of God. We believe He is the first begotten(Gods 1st child(spiritually) and the only begotten (physically)). We believe He lived a perfect life and atoned for the sins of the World. He conquered death. He was and always was PERFECT. We Believe He is God. The King of Kings. Full of Grace and truth. We believe He was there in the beginning. He created Adam from the Dust. Hence The God and Father of physical life on Earth.

Mormonism vs Christianity
He did not pray to his self. And did not come to do His will, but the will of His Father. John 20:17 We call Him the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the head of our church and the only way to be saved. We worship Him! We pray to Him. We love Him by obeying Him. The name of our church is " The church of JESUS CHRIST of Latterday Saints" The Book of Mormon is "another testement of JESUS CHRIST". "The Mormon God is Jesus Christ"

Can A Woman Be A Bishop
In a chees game maybe but not in God's church. Maybe mans. NO!

Should Priests Marry
Yes, It is needed to truly set the example for the congregation. You cant do one thing and teach another. That is not His law.

Was Hitler Born Innocent
He was innocent as a kid. If he would have died as a kid, he would have been accepted by a loving compassionate God. He chose his path. He grew and with age he became accountable. He will be judged as he judged others. No doubt there still might be some kind of mercy after he realizes the true depth of his sin. He will think he deserves nothing, but Im sure he will be grateful for even hell if thats what he gets.

Believe The Bible Or The Pope
God Bless the Pope! Im not catholic, but Im sure he is a man of honor who believes with all his heart that his church is true. If the catholic church is really false, then all the churches that was born from it was false too. Even all protestants.

Mormonism vs Christianity
I think it is so funny how all these people know what Mormons believe. Everything is either a deliberate lie or quotes deliberately taken out of context. Either way it is dishonest. Mormons have been blessed! W/out question. Jesus Christ is our GOD! Anyone who wants to know what Mormons really believe, feel free to ask. I do not directly speak for the church but am willing to truthfully respond to your questions.

Mormonism vs Christianity
I was born and raised a mormon and I guarentee no nonmember knows as much as any member about the Mormon church. I have studied and researched all the so called allegations earlier in my life. They all have proven false. There is nothing solid to disprove to mormon church.

What Bible Version Is Best
KJV is the most accurate by far. Prayerfully read it and you'll be fine.

2008 Presidential Election
suzie, You believe that your religion is the only ones that are going to make it to heaven. Mormons do not believe that. Romney would be a great president. As far as the pologamy thing. The Mormons God is the God of Abaraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Who by the way believed in pologamy. They all had more than 1 wife. Maybe they were mormons, huh?

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