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Do Men Judge Women's Looks
Looks really do not matter. It doesn't matter how someone looks. If they're handsome, but unsaved, why would you bother with them.

In the description of the Proverbs 31 woman, it says nothing about how she looks, because it's not her appearance that is the focus, but her character.

What's further more, if you do not want to be judged on your looks, do not judge others because the in same manner that you judge, you will also be judged.

Stop looking at other's flaws and instead, deal with your own. You're not perfect, so why do you expect others to be?

Chronic Pain Affects Social Life
Trish...I do not know how to send a private message...please send me a email and I will reply. I can't wait to communicate with you. I hope u are well.

Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
I am also very surprised to hear that a secular song like that is sung in church. I have never experienced that in all of my 51 That might help me rethink things...and make other decisions.

How Do You Spank A Child
When I was a child I was beat senseless in the name of spanking. I do not think that a parent should take their anger out on the child.
This being said, I do believe in spanking. I think that a parent should wait until their anger passes and then gently spank a child to teach them accountability for their actions.
All children are different and have differnt temprements and different needs. I was hard headed and needed to be spanked. Just not OVER

Falsehood About Being Santa
My stepson did believe in Santa...but we constantly reinforced the birth of Christ. We also only got 3 gifts each just like Jesus. He asked the Lord into his life at age 9.

Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
Rudolph..EVIL? So, what abt it a Wonderful Life? Should we rebuke George Baily too? I guess that a Christmas Carol is mocking the Holy Ghost too. Oh,c'mon..its a children's show. I guess kids should remain on their knees with hands folded in front of a manger all during the holidays!!!
I understand your point, but I don't agree with it. As long as children are raised to know we are celebrating the birth of Christ..which comes from their learing at home and at church.
There are SO many creative things to do with children to emphasize the true meaning of Christmas. Why bother demonizing children's shows?

Chronic Pain Affects Social Life
Wow Kevin, thanks...that is a lot better than depending on narcotics. I will check it out.

I have missed out on holidays and family gatherings which at times have left me feeling isolated. I am pretty much confined to the house. Occasionally I get to church or to Bible Study.

I know that I am never ever King is always with me...and the Holy Spirit.

What Is Sin
Disobeying God.

My Husband Will Not Work
Keep praying about it. God is soverign.

How To Deal With Chronic Pain
Thank you for the information Carlax..and congrats to your mom. U can just post the info the same way you made the post...I dunno really...ask webmaster.

Brother Dying Of Cancer
I am so sorry to hear of your pain. I have experienced many losses and it is always so difficult especially spiritually.
I will be praying to for strength for you and ur family.

How To Deal With Chronic Pain
I am sorry to hear of all the pain that you have experienced and I will continue to pray for all of you. Thank you for sharing your experiences with me. All I can say is Our God is an Awesome God!

It is comforting knowing that Jesus is intimately aquainted with us. What a comforting thought knowing that the Lord knows what we go through and he is with us always.

Engaged Couples Living In Sin
Wow,I'm taken back by this. I think that natural answer to this question is YES, they are living in sin. I don't think that it is even questionable in any theological interpretation.

Jesus said that if we even look at another with lust, that is a sin. Thank you for mentioning that we are not perfect. I did it and knew it was wrong and felt terrible about it.

We try to manipulate scripture to make what we want or are doing to alright before God. If you don't see adultrey in the chruch, then you are blind..because those things happen.

Christians have God's grace to cover us and the Holy Spirit to motivate us...but we know when we sin and we know what to do abt it.

Just my humble opinion. Maureen

How To Deal With Chronic Pain
Thank you all for your input. Yes, I have fibormyalgia and a legion of other pain condtions coming from the spine, neuropathy and lymphedemia just to name a few. Despite the pain, the Lord has been so good and gracious to me.

As we all know that chronic pain affects us in many ways such as socially. We often do not feel well enough to keep our plans. Even visits and correspondence from our church families starts to dwindle. I find that chronic pain can be very isolating. I think of the loneliness and isolation and beads of sweat Jesus did experience while he was in the garden right before his crucifiction. I know that our King is personally aquainted with these things.

Does anybody else find this to be so?

Joyce Meyer's Is A False Teacher
Joyce Meyers is no false teacher. She is a daughter of our most high priest, God. The proof of this is in her Teaching which is Biblically based. Then look at the millions of people who benefit from her organisation ministering to the hungry, poor and lowly in Spirit. I bear personal testimony to this because I am now FREE INDEED from sin and shame because of the Cross of Jesus Christ. Test the Teachings yourself,and find the Real Truth that will set you Free Too. Gods Blessings

Struggle With Honoring My Mom
You sound so much like me. Even though I keep my mom at a distance for my own protection, I do honor her. But I have to remember: "Jesus is my mother, my father, my brother, my sister." I think the way I honor her is that I don't dishonor her to my nieces and newphews, and I don't react when she dishonors me in front of them. I guess my point is that I have to look at the ways I do honor her, because the "ideal" is not going to happen her. You are in my prayers.

Foster Online Spiritual Growth
Love this question and comments. Especially the comment regarding trust for the Lord when we have never seen Him! That's a really good point. I have been through an awful lot of "bad stuff" - Satan just attacking like crazy - since becoming a Christian and find that I don't have the pure trust in God that I once had. Pray for me Pls.

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