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Are There Any Bad Churches
If the church is not operating in God's will, then YES these things can happen, the bible warned us of these churches in the latter days. Read about Toxic Churces and how satan uses them to destroy the believer. Look for another church if this is what you know is happening to you. Read "Faith that Hurts, Faith That Heals" by Arterburn and Felton. Seek Gods will at this time. I was in a toxic church and it nearly destroyed my walk, I left and got healing from it.

My Life Is Going Backwards
Hi Derek, most of us can relate to this happening at some stage. The great thing about the place you are in is that it is never to late to start again, to let God mould you into a new man. Make a concious effort to change your behaviour, reach out to others, make apologies where needed. You can change back into a "good guy" and never forget that God loves you no matter what, He can help you change.

Ouija Board Caused Illiness
I was saved out of the occult, where I was a teacher of new age things. The ouija board opens people up to demonic visitation, influence and curses. Your friend needs to repent of using the board, may need deliverance ministry and once she has repented to ask God to lift the curse off her mother. Her mother will need lots of intercession and prayer at this time. I am happy to talk more if you want more info.

My Husband Hits Me
Seperate, tell him he MUST get help for his abusive anger. Statistics show that abuse gets worse over time and you can be in physical danger. God does not want a woman to be hit. He would need to go to a recovery group or counselling, you need to apply "tough love" and he must be confronted to change, seperate physically until he heals the rage. Women have been killed by angry husbands all over the world. You should be safe and he needs to face his sin and heal it.

Chronicles Of Narnia Movie
I wept in this movie as I saw how it told the story of the power of Jesus love for us, apart from a few things not biblical (like riding a unicorn into battle) it is a powerful message about Jesus, I love the words "It is Finished" in the movie. Good witnessing material if you explain it to non believers.

Joyce Meyer's Is A False Teacher
Doug, I am very aware of where Joyce Meyer Ministries spend the money that comes in and the massive amount of ministry outreach they do, can you tell me your exact proof that it is used for personal financial gain? Why do we want to shoot down christians that bless so many, I have never heard Joyce ever teach anything but the word of God and she doesn't fluff it either!

Moderator - It was printed in one of the major Christian magazines that she has a $10 million dollar home and $2 million second home and her kids a $2 million home. One of the Christian financial agencies exposed this through an audit. Joyce does preach a false prosperity gospel because I have heard her preach. However, when she sticks to helping abused women she tends to be more correct.

Statue Of Buddha In Your Home
Buddhism is worship of a false God, Buddha or pictures of him is idolatory, I saw a t shirt I liked in a shop the other day, but when I looked closely I realised it had a buddha face imprint on it, I did not buy it as I won't have things with false gods in my home, that would include a photograph, would you have a photo of a satanic altar in your home? its the same thing. idol worship and not of God.

I Want To Divorce My Husband
Robin, more christians than you realise have been where you are. 1. He is breaking his covenant with you if he is abusive, God does not want him to abuse you. 2. Grounds for divorce in the old testament also included abandonment. I recommend reading "Grace and Divorce" by Dr. Les Carter to answer some questions in your heart.

Am I Able To Remarry
I highly recommend reading "Grace and Divorce" by Dr. Les Carter, a wonderful Christian book that explores Gods heart in these situations and gives scriptural reference to back up His grace and mercy. It is a very healing book for those facing or have been divorced as a Christian. God Bless You.

Is Freemasonry Bad Or Good
Freemasonry is worship of false gods and idols covered by "good works" the higher you go in freemasonry the more the "dark arts (satanism) are exposed to you" some pastors are freemasons, this is quite common, it is deception of the ultimate form. I recommend some good internet study, some great christian books on the dangers of freemasonry too.

Lie About Santa Claus Acceptable
My 6 year old has always been taught that Christmas is about Jesus, I recently had to deal with a situation at his care centre when he told the other children Santa was not real, the teacher "punished" him by sitting him on a chair, he was very upset but stood his ground, her face when I told her that I taught him the truth because we are Christians was priceless, it was a good witnessing moment.

Friend's Dad Is A Satanist
1. Satanism is usually EXTREMELY secret, how is the fact in the open at all?
2. Many Freemasons and satanists are IN our churches, most not revealed for their secret lives
3. Can you share whether you KNOW for sure if he is a practising satanist?
4. The bible warns us of false teachers in the end days, this is why we all need to have strong discernment of what we are sitting under.

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