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Paul's Thorn In The Flesh
How could it be possible for poor eye-sight to keep Paul in measure to the Gospel? A blind man once told me that when he was a daily sinner, he had lust of the flesh. His blindness didn't do anything to keep him in measure to the Word of God. He could sin just bad as sighted people. Look at all the claims people make and ask yourself...would any of these things keep you in measure. No! There is a book though that shows what the thorn was. It can be found as: The Secret Behind Paul's Thorn in the Flesh.

Joyce Meyer's Is A False Teacher
and we are not in GREECE!

and my tongues is not gibberish, but the Holy GHost himself!

Foolish unbeliever, to Blasphemy God Shall not be forgieven!!

Revelation 21:8

But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death

the word (burneth) is not correct according to our, stupid man made language neither. But according to the Scripture if you don' receive the Holy GHost, the word (burneth) shall happen to YOU!! Romans 8,9

Evolution versus Creationism
evlotion is just a phase, when the antichrist comes with power, eveltuion theory will over.

Joyce Meyer's Is A False Teacher
well, rather Joyce myers is True are false, this is the Question, does she preach people need the Holy Ghost,

it does not matter what you do in this life or how, much fake love you present, real love in in the Holy Ghost, Gal 5,22

if you are not born of the water and of the spirit you shall not see the kingdom of God,
Baptized in the name of Jesus and filled with the Holy Ghost, this i promise every man.

and if these r my last words to you i would like to say that i love and i will see you in heaven,, and Truth, leave her alone, that is to much meat of the word,, your sending, let our goal be to save souls in this last day,, be blessed, in all things,

All One Land Mass During Noah
The Bible's account of the Flood includes volcanic eruptions, water/spring eruptions and enough water to cover every mountain (certainly changing the shape of the land as it receded over a year's time). All of these could have begun the splitting up of the "one land" into several chunks.

Benny Hinn And RT Kendall
Anyone selling anything whether it be books, CD's,songs, music, preaching, teaching should immediately come under scrutiny by christians. If someone wants to prove that they have God,they should not take but give to others freely.Anyone who takes is now a suspect because non-believers are watching them to see if it is about God or money. The profiteering on God's word in our day has become to a point of ridiculousness. If someone wants to prove they have God, they will not want take from anyone

What Does 666 Mean
Can anyone tell me what the number 8 means in Hebrew please. Thanks

Catholic And Christian Differences
To others of you who favor name calling ("helley") as favorite weapons, recall your childhood. Wasn't that a favorite ploy then, too, when children didn't get their own way? Could it be just the right time to grow a little, close mouths, and open ears and hearts to some of your favorite targets here with Christs' compassion?
May God, the Source of all, richly bless you with just what you need most!

Is There Free Will In Heaven
Hopefully (more correctly, certainly!), God will complete His good work in me (which began in earnest just beyond the moment I said "Your Will be done" within the freely-given forgiving blood of His Only Begotten Son Yahshuah/Jesus/Emmanuel) of tuning my will to harmonize with His Will so that I will not need that 'Free-will' distraction when He assigns me my new scriptural career of reigning and ruling with His Son throughout the balance of eternity (sorry about the world's longest sentence!).

Catholic And Christian Differences
Dearest Brethren in Yahshuah Jesus the Messiach, please take a moment to step back and read each others posts with a merciful and gracious outlook. It seems to this old follower of Christ that many of you truly do trust in, rely on, and cling to the Only Begotten Son of the Living God. Revel in that fact. Rally around that fact. Then listen to each other and search the complete scripture daily to see if what you have heard is according to the Truth.

Why Bother Repenting
IMHO, repentance has much to do with turning away from whatever, especially what one knows is wrong, takes the rightful place of one's Maker in his/her life, and truly regretting ever letting that get in the way of the relationship to begin with. What do you think?

Are Mormons Christians
FLDS - are the real mormons bc they went with joseph Smiths son. The LDS do not believe that Joseph was really inspired of God so th4ey gave up polygamy for statehood. They are not real mormons - polygamy was given to Jos Smith from God
they are the heathens

New Cursor On ChristiaNet
It's a little clunky (large), but I do not mind.

Can Sin Cause Family Problems
What about the Apostle Paul who said he had suffered so many things including being hungry. Does God allow this kind of trial perhaps also to help us learn to trust Him more, to learn to rejoice in spite of difficulties, or even to cause us to be delivered from love of money?

Born Of Water And Spirit
Acts 11:15-16 refers to baptism of the Holy Ghost

Raise Someone From The Dead
My first thought is HE has healed me, what is so rediculous about that? God is a healer, a redeemer, a loving Father, and HE healed me of MS and my son of Luekemia in 93. I have since seen many people healed of various things, from mental to physical to emotional hurts and diseases. My gift is healing and restoration. Why would he gift us and call us out, if it were not for today as it was in the days that Jesus walked the earth? God is good...believe and receive his healing touch!

I Hate My Husband
I am sorry you have so much pain in your heart. I can relate so much to how you feel and would give you a big hug to encourage you that everything is going to be ok if I could. Don't listen to peoples critism or judgements. They have never lived with your husband. You need God now more than ever. Run to Him. Pray for new people in your life that will build you up, not tear you down and that will love you unconditionally exactly where you are. God bless you and please remember you deserve happiness & love.

I Am Lonely Without A Mate
God doesn't have a vendeda against you, there's nothing wrong with you. "It isn't good for man to be alone" is often misinterpreted. Does this mean He wants everyone to have a marriage mate? Call me crazy but sounds like you're not alone at all. Sounds like you're surrounded by love! Maybe you aren't getting the kind of partnership you want, but you do have partnership. God showing you He loves you! Keep your chin up, 1st embrace God's blessings. You might be surprised what's around the corner.

Please Accept Jesus Christ
Wow what a tuff situation..when it comes to talking to him about it, let him know how you are feeling about everything. There really is no right way of talking to him about it. I just encourage you to be open to what he has to say. Ask questions if you need to so you can understand what he experiencing in his walk with Christ. I just also wanted to let you know that Jesus loves us all in spite of anything we may have donehe has unconditional love for us all.
Alright well, I am praying for you.

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