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Can God Forgive Satan
Yall, this is easy,

Satan and his demons has been already judged, it just not his time yet.

the man with the demons that seen Jesus, said torment us not before our time, it not their time to burn!!

We All need the Holy GHost, and this i what he does

8And when he is come, he will reprove the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment: (

9Of sin, because they believe not on me,

10Of righteousness, because I go to my Father, and ye see me no more,

11Of judgment, because the prince of this world is judged(the Devil has already been senteced to Hell)
acts 2,38 repent be baptized in the name of Jesus and filled with the HOly GHost,

Joyce Meyer's Is A False Teacher
The King James Version, is where the Holy Ghost is,

it is written with the annointing, the others, or not, he is right,

When you receieve the SPirit, you will understand and no what he talking about, the orgianl copy God intended for us to read, is where the SPirit of God is, which is the HOly GHost,

Joyce Meyer's Is A False Teacher
no the lust of the eyes is not the one looking, the lust of the eyes, is the one creating it, im not attracted to Joyce Meryes, but if you can't see anything wrong with the way she dressing the you sprit all dicrened!!
Jude says

Say Jude
Love them but save them
them hatieng eveing the garment spotted by the flesh!(my friend God cares about Clothes, you see nothing wrong cause you not seeing thew the eyes of The HOly Ghost?

question is did you look in the mirror to see how the back in looked in your jeans before you got on stage and started talking about GOd,, if you did, then the Devil is decieveing you!,much love

Joyce Meyer's Is A False Teacher
final post,

Joyce Myers says she is a doer, of the word in one of her Blogs,

if she were a doer she would not be dressed like that, a women of God, is out to please God, in every way.

Their are many Spirits my friens, copy cat spirits, all types of Spirits, and some change themselves into Angels of Light!

she may be real she maybe be flase only God knows, you would actaully have to knoe her to know if she is real,

their should be a conviction, but there is not!!!!! i guess, we got to obey or convictions, cause it God talking to you..

Joyce Meyer's Is A False Teacher
There is know, Holiness, i heard her say that you clothes do matter to God, thats a lie, espically for women, to cause the lust of the eyes, is to create fornication, noone is truly obeying the scipture, but come on now, when your up on stage showing off your curves, thats just unexceptable no mattter how old you are, i am young and realize that,, i believe she may be a decieved women, cause she bases the Bible on what she feels is right or wrong, SHe Said: God does not care what we were on the outside, continued Mel Reed

Joyce Meyer's Is A False Teacher
The God does not have to say anything his word already says it??

my question have any of you recieved the Holy Ghost,? i beat joyce meyers did not tell you you must have the Holy GHost,
Romans 8,9, you must be born again,

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