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My Husband Isn't Attractive
How do you know that God picked this man for you?

My Husband Cheated On Me
Once they cheat they will always find a way to do it again when the opportunity arise. It has happened to me someone who claimed they were my "friend".

Evangelism Training Tools
I have found it very helpfull to go through Judy Bauer's study material, aspecialy if you only in the beginning stages of evangelising. KAM or Kingdom Advancement Ministries is truely a good stepping stone to build confidence. As the New testiment states in many places is that Jesus wanted us to go to all nations and preach the gospel. Thats where I can truely can take my hat off to K.P. Yohannen with Gospel for Asia. Hope this helps a bit. Your friend in Jesus ... Mel

Autistic or Asperger Christians
I am 20 years old, undiagnosed aspie, and, likely, also a bit ADD. My mom is ADD and my dad aspie, and my brother was diagnosed ADD, but has some aspie traits too. We are all Christian. I'm in college now and a Bible study leader. I've learned how to "blend in" with neurotypicals, but I don't have any other Chiristian aspies that I know of here to talk to. While I definitely do have a relationship with God, it can be very hard for me to connect with him in an emotional way and to hear him, mainly because I don't really know how to listen to him. Whenever I try and get advice, it's always from neurotypicals, and, thus doesn't really..."work" for me.... I would love to hear what other Christian aspies have to say....

Did Jesus Drink Alcohol
"What do you think makes bread, kathr"

Its called leaven and incidentally it usually refers metaphorically to sin.

I am neither here nor there on this subject. I personally do not drink, but its not because I feel like I can't but I simply don't want to.

The End Of Christianity
If Jesus didnt rise from the dead, Christianity is false. There is no way to prove otherwise though.

That would be like saying that there is a possibility that the bible isnt true

Non-Believing Husband Issues
They dont want to work things out in that they dont want to be with you? I dont get the statement.

If they have essentially departed then let them go and divorce them. It sounds like its not a marriage.

Take A Mans Last Name
Wow this could turn anyone off of marriage

Christians Expect Too Much
I personally have never gone to a pastor for any counsel. It is in the word of God.

Verbal Abuse In My Marriage
Mechelle, you husband needs help and you need to remove yourself from the situation. DO NOT QUIT YOUR JOB. You will need that for independence if he doesn't get help. Like another commenter below said verbal abuse often escalates into physical abuse.

Why Do Christians Judge Divorced
I just make sure that people know that my husband divorced me. After that I couldn't care less what people think. I was willing to try and work it out even though I thought the guy was a jerk, but he went ahead with it anyway. It was hard at first, not because he obviously didn't love me, but because I wasted my first marriage on him. I was his 5th.... what did he care?

If you are right before God I would not worry about it.

Tithe To A Family Member
the bible says bring your tithes to the storehouse, which is the church, therefore i pay my tithes to my church. this day in time there are many people that need major financial assistance. from time to time i find my self in that situation, but what i do is make a personal sacrifice and give to those in need not take GODS money and do as i see fit.

Sinful To Eat Too Much
I think that "sin" is what is outlined in the bible, and the reality is that we all have areas where we struggle. Being a believer does not automatically transport us into sinless perfection. The problem I have is where "Christians" push the envelope and go out and party because we have freedom in Christ to drink if we want, and they just want to be able to say "I am a Christian" and still live like the world. I don't say anything anymore, because in the end, God will sort it all out.

Leave Mel Gibson Alone
I believe in praying for all professing Christians. I also believe that there are Catholics out there that are believers, but they are in the minority. We should be praying for them and witnessing to them, not bashing them.

Can Christians Drink A Beer
I am a Christian and I have not had a drink for 8 years. None. But I want to start drinking again. Why? Because I feel that I have become pretty legalistic. I really look down on others because they drink as Christians. It's not wrong to drink. I think my heart attitude is worse than drinking, to be honest.

Is Remarriage Adultery
If one of them divorced for unbiblical reasons, yes, the one that initiated the divorce is not free to remarry. That said, I am divorced (non biblical and I did not initiate it) but I don't really feel free to remarry.

Can Ladies Wear Pants
Wow, I am shocked at this question. Seriously why would a woman not be able to wear pants?

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