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God Takes Bad Christians Home
Why, even on a Christian blog people take offense at WORDS!

Is Cussing Sinful
Hebrews says even when WE are FAITHLESS, God is faithful. Amazing Grace!!!

How To Focus On God
Tommy, I love your heart for asking this. I am there too!!! God says we will find him when we seek him with all of our heart. And I am constantly asking God to show me exactly what that means. I am just praying daily that God will draw me to Himself, and reading the Scriptures to try to understand Who He really is. I will pray for you too, that you will be drawn close. It feels vague sometimes.

I Hate My Husband
Graham! I do! I love my husband very much! I am thrilled with him! he is my best friend and he loves me the way Christ loves the Church...he gives up things for me and puts me on a pedestal I don't deserve. He says to the children "have you noticed how beautiful your mom is?" etc...what a great example for the children. And guess what? It gives me such warmth and respect for him...I don't talk badly about him and everything I say to others about his very few faults I have already said to him. I back him up in front of the kids. I do anything I can to make him happy. We read together, walk, do chores together and visit friends and the elderly together. We have a beautiful intimate life, I'd not trade him for anything!!!

Is It A Sin To Be On Welfare
I think in the sermon on the Mount Jesus indicates we are to give EXPECTING NOTHING IN RETURN. Talking about how much praise we get from people to whom we give takes away from the act itself, don't you think?

Submissive Controling Husband
Submission is not an act of love? You only submit to a dictator? Wow. Christ stated that he ONLY did what the Father told him to do. Paul said that Jesus did not consider equality with God something to be grasped but instead HUMBLED HIMSELF (ie, willingly) to the point of death. My husband and I submit to each other frequently, giving up what we want right this minute for what the other wants. It IS very much an act of love and we are very blessed by it.

Try it.

Obama Funds Abortions
If Obama was a "christian", he should not have passed the abortion thing! At conception it is considered alive in God's eyes, and aborting is murder!

How To Love Step Children
We do the "family" thing completely from the Christian home standpoint. We are involved in fellowship and church and have devotionals each night here in the home as well as discussions about our lives from God's perspective. I am kind, I reach out to the stepchildren. I just don't FEEL anything. My "kindness" is out of obedience to God and desire to do right by my husband...I would love to CHERISH and LOVE these children...I just feel numb and sometimes resentful toward them even though I treat them well.

About To Marry A Non-Christian
I have experience here b/c my first husband said he was a believer and later turned around and is now an atheist. Please realize that compatibility between the two of you may be great, but if/when you have children there will be a HUGE difference in how you want them raised and they will see a "split" household in that sense which may feel awkward or confusing to them. God bless.

How To Love Step Children
I have a 12-y/o boy and a 9 y/o girl. I think that because my biological children have not reached the teens yet, every issue these girls bring to the home is brand new and scary and unfamiliar. My husband's younger son is 13, I have known him 4 years and I don't have any problems relating to him...I think growing with them from younger must be easier???

I am still looking for insight and prayer and thank you VERY much for input!!!


How To Love Step Children
I would LOVE to talk with you. I hope you find a way to contact me!!!

I am exactly the same...I WANT to love and accept them and there is a block...can't seem to get the head knowledge to the heart.

I am civil and I treat them like guests.. BUT this is their DAD...they don't ACT like guests...they "overstep" if I am expecting a "guest" relationship then I get irritated b/c they do things a guest would not do.

I have prayed and prayed and had counseling and confessed etc etc and I cannot seem to ACCEPT my previous divorce and ACCEPT the stepchildren as "family."

I would love some practical help.


Demonic Dreams At Night
Even though you are not able to call upon the name of the Lord verbally, you can think his name, and call on him with your thoughts. It sounds like you are being demonically attacked at night and going through a spiritual battle. Get into the word, and scriptures. Remember, "Greater is He that is in you, then he that is in the world". Pray every night before going to sleep and get into the word, God is there, and he is greater! I will also pray for you.

Women With Long Hair
The rest of the verse says that if you don't have long hair you are supposed to COVER your head with something when you pray or prophesy (teach, correct, instruct, admonish, etc).

1 Cor 11

Why Is There Sickness
I'm with you R.A. My ex-husband use to be fond of saying that his grandmother finally died from all that fried chicken and lard bisquits she refused to give up. She was 93.

Searching For A Church Home
First and formost, I look for where I feel that God wants me to serve. It's not about what you get out of it, it's about what you put into it. To semi-paraphrase JFK: "Ask not what God can do for you, ask what you can do for God."

Christmas Or Resurrection Better
Also, please be more careful when you read. I never said that celebrating Christmas was wrong. I never said anything regarding any celebration of Christ's life as being "forbidden". And I never said that Jesus said we "must celebrate his death".

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