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I Am Depressed And Bored
I'm suffering from the same lack of interest. Church is absolute misery for me. The Bible studies are like a trip to the dentist. I looked for some help, but a lot of the information on Christian web sites basically tells me , "Well, you're not a good enough Christian, then." One web site even said that "Bored Christians should question their salvation." I guess what I'm feeling makes me not worthy to be called a Christian? Depressing.

Why Should People Attend Church
People shouldn't have to go to church. You can pray and rejoice in your own home by yourself. God doesnt care where you are as long as you believe in him and give him praise for your very own exsistance. My belief is, anyone can go to church and LOOK Christianly but it is those who choose to keep silent and use the power of prayer that are the true CHRISTIANS. God is not a show off and God does not boast about how much he donates or what church he belongs to now does he???

Have You Been In A Cult
All religions are cults.
Cults depend on brainwashing in order to keep the faithful, faithful. It must be preached, taught, instructed, repeated and supported by everyone around you. This is what religion does, all of them. When you get to the point where you stop pretending that you have the answer to things which can't be answered there is where you find freedom of the mind.

Next Two Years On Earth
A great awakening.
More and more people will come to see the delusion of religion.

How Did God Create The Planet
If there is anything which is God's record, it is the earth and real science. The Bible is nothing more than men's words about the God they believed in. That is why it is so chocked full of errors, contradictions and mythical stories. The bible says stars are smaller lights hung on an outer firmament. We can clearly see that this is not the case. Either the stars are billions of light years away and the earth millions of years old, or God deceives us.

Prove Earth Is 6,000 Years Old
In our fastest spaceship it would take around 44,000 years to reach the nearest star. This star is only 4.2 light years away. the universe is extermly large and far away. Science does not have all the answers, but that is what science does, seek answers and seeks truth. Truth is always a journey, not a starting point. The black hole in the center of our own galaxy still defies explanation. Scientist don't know exactly what happens in there, but just assuming God made it, will not help us find out.

Prove Earth Is 6,000 Years Old
Here is the interesting thing about science. It doesn't start with presumed unalterable facts and then seek evidence to support those preconceptions. It starts with verifiable evidence and then seeks solutions which fit that evidence. Sometimes that can be wrong. Early map makers would put: "here be dragons" on land that was un-explored. There are many unexplained things in the universe, but simply putting, "here be God" on the things we don't know will not help us figure them out.

Can I Have Many Wifes
The Old Testament allowed it, gave laws to regulate it, even directed it in a couple of places. So it isn't a sin, but it is against the law these days.

How Did God Create The Planet
Too much thinking!! Now that was funny, if not sad. If we couldn't think we could not even hope to understand the things of God.
So how did God create everything, maybe the big bang????

Prove Earth Is 6,000 Years Old
Warwick, the theories presented in Starlight and Time have been discreteted. Even the author has backed off this premise.
Bottom line, if we can see super-novas which are millions of light years away, then either it tooks millions of light years for this to reach us, or God is a deciever. Which is it?

Have You Been In A Cult
Isn't all religion a cult, even Christianity.
We all believe things for which there is no proof of its validity, right?

Prove Earth Is 6,000 Years Old
Until you can explain the Starlight problem, there is no way to hold to a 6,000 to 10,000 year old creation. Starlight has taken millions of years longer than that to even reach us.

Prove Earth Is 6,000 Years Old
The Creation story of the Bible is myth.
The stars are millions to billions of light years away from us. Either the light we see from the stars, and supernova explosions actually happened millions to billions of years ago, or God is deceiving us with this light and how could we then trust that anything we see, or feel, or touch or measure or even read is real at all. If the universe isn't billions of years old, then God has lied to us.

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