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Iran Is Setting A Dress Code
I remember in history another time when some people of a different religion were supposed to wear identifing cloths. This Iran problem is going to be a major crises in a short time, while the rest of the world ponders what to do, they will toss a few megatons toward Israel or Europe to please Allah. That president of Iran is a madman, has anyone taken note of that fact?

Did Dinosaurs Live With Man
Jerry; 'the evidence of earth's strata, there was a universal flood.' I would like to know where the evidence for that is. There were many 'floods.' As the last ice sheets melted there was a rapid rise in ocean levels. On the Colorado river one can see the high water marks from the last ice age, ending about 12,000 years ago. In central America they have a lake with 'fresh water sharks,' evolved from when the lake was connected to the ocean, then cut off. The Noah flood is somewhat metaphorical.

Evolution Fossil Fish
Triadobatrachus; is about 250 million years old, and had not yet evolved the full combination of features associated with frogs. TH recepters 'are' frog-like, being broad with large eye sockets. The fossil has other features seperating it from modern frogs. The ilium, a long body with more vertebrae, and separate vertebrae in its tail, as modern frogs, the tail vertebrae are fused, the urostyle. The tibia and fibula bones are unfused and separate. The Triadobatrachus is clearly an intermediate species.

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