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Ministry Or Family First In Life
Just remember that Paul advised that it would be 'better' for believers to not marry, as this would always be a source of conflict when trying to prioritize decisions in life ... and YES you should put your family first ... over your career (even if it is full time ministry). Putting God first is something else ... as it has to do with staying in God's will in all matters of life.

I Hate My Husband
Hate what people do not who they are. God never said you would be 'happy' in marriage; in fact, he said you WILL have trouble. Further, God expects a 'saved' spouse to stay with his/her unsaved spouse, so that they might see your good works and turn to the Lord. Further, your kids will always respect you if you fulfill your commitment to your spouse by forgiving them and helping them change ... in fact, it is this example that will lead your children to the Lord ... not leaving (or hating) your spouse.

Marry Pregnant Girlfriend
Sexual relationships carry the same weight as marriage in God's eyes: God allows divorce because of adultery; and, Jesus told the woman with six husbands to stay with the man she is currently living with. Your son is already 'married' because of his sexual relationship with this woman. It's a little late to be concerned about her salvation now; your son should marry her, provide for her and their child, learn to love her as Christ loved the church and, if need be, win her to the Lord with his example.

How To Take Up Cross
Simply ... this means lving a life of sacrifice. Practically, you do this by being 'other oriented' ... which makes you aware of and sensitive to the needs and desires of others ... then meeting those needs and desires to the best of your ability ... even if it means sacrificing your own. Christ never owned anything ... nor did he ever do anything for personal reasons.

Did Jesus Die Spiritually
Spiritual death is simply separation from God; God DID have to turn his back on Jesus the moment he took all our sins on himself. Jesus not only overcame physcial death ... but he also overcam espiritual death when he arose from the dead. He's the only one that has ever (or could ever) overcome spiritual death.

I Am Divorcing This April
God hates divorce and only ALLOWS it in the case of infidelity because of the hardness of OUR heart NOT adultery itself. It IS His will that we forgive and restore a broken marriage, even one broken by infidelity. I think it is actually easier to work things out with your spouse than remarry and deal with all the broken home and blended family stuff. Imagine: God's will has better results than our approach! What are you teaching your kids about God's love by divorcing your spouse and marrying another?

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