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Is God Anti Intellectual
God is not anti-intellectual. Intellect is a gift from Him. Indeed, it is an attribute of God. It's only when this gift yields to the wisdom of the world and becomes foolishness, does it become "anathema."

Outward Worship Better
You forgot "handstands!"

King James Only Christian
I have several original pages of a 1611 First Edition and I can read them quite easily. Remember, that a "revision" is an actual reworking of a particular text or texts based on "new" manuscript evidence. The KJV has not been revised in this manner. If you can read a "modern" KJV, you can certainly read a 1611 edition. The KJV has been "updated" with different "editions" through the years, including spelling and some grammar.

When Was Revelation Written
Hi notlaw99! If by biblical incompetence, you mean that I'm void of theological trappings, then you are indeed correct! As far as your rhetoric concerning pseudepigraphal conclusions, you are most entitled to your opinion as well! Enjoy your delusion!

Are All Tattoos Bad
"All things are lawful for me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but all things edify not." 1 Cor. 6.12

When Was Revelation Written
notlaw99, the Bible in its entirety is apocalyptic. Does that make it "dubious?"

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